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Health Assessment Refresher Workshop

Health Assessment Refresher Workshop


This interactive workshop offers individuals an opportunity to review and refresh their health assessment skills through a hands-on approach. This workshop is particularly geared towards students in the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHCNP) program who will be taking the Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnosis (AHAD) course this year.

This refresher workshop will be beneficial towards preparing students for the Comprehensive Physical Examination (Adult) Demonstration that is an entry requirement for the AHAD course, and will ready students for success in their clinical placements, which demand proficiency in conducting comprehensive physical examinations. This refresher workshop will give students the foundation for the advanced assessment skills required in the PHCNP program.

Learning Objectives

Workshop participants will:

  • gain proficiency in administering a complete independent physical assessment.
  • identify where to concentrate their efforts in order to be successful in conducting physical examinations.
  • have the opportunity to practice the hands-on components of physical examination assessment skills.
  • improve their skill set based on verbal feedback of their performance throughout the workshop.

    Students that successfully complete the program will receive a Certificate of Completion that reads: "Health Assessment Refresher Workshop".

Next Offering

Date: Summer 2021

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