Student waving to the screen in a virtual class with overlay text Take ELIP Online to meet English language requirements

English Language Improvement Program (ELIP)

Welcome to the English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) at the University of Windsor! 

Starting at UWindsor through ELIP is the first step to achieving success in your studies and beyond. 

The ELIP Program is offered online, so you can choose to achieve your English language proficiency requirements from anywhere in the world. An in-person option is also available.

Improved skills by the end of ELIP 3:

Understand and analyze a variety of texts.

Evaluate significant issues to persuasively write on a variety of professional and academic topics.

Understand extended spoken information and can critically evaluate points to use in argumentation.

Communicate skillfully by evaluating and expanding on ideas.

Demonstrate fluent and accurate language, awareness of diverse perspectives, and strategic use of academic and professional skills