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Let co-op give you an edge! Earn while you learn and graduate with 12 months of paid, relevant, full-time work experience.

The University of Windsor's co-op program helps you put theory into practice and apply what you are learning in the classroom to real-world contexts. You will rotate between the classroom and paid, on-the-job experiences throughout your time at the University of Windsor so you can hit the ground running as soon as you graduate.

By combining semesters of study with semesters of full-time, paid employment in career-realted positions, you will:

  • Gain hands on experiene related to your academic program
  • Network with employers and professionals in your field
  • Explore different career paths and clarify career goals
  • Articulate a greater understanding of workplace culture
  • Learn how to compete confidently in the job market
  • Earn a salary to help offset the cost of tuition

Prepare to be Transformed

The academic requirements to participate and remain in the co-op program are different than non co-op streams. For eligibility details by program, visit Our Programs page.

Transform from a student to a professional. The co-op program includes the mandatory completion of a non-credit job readiness program called Transform. This course provides students with essential job readiness skills to be successful in the job competition. Students learn the tools and techniques necessary to create resumes and cover letters, a reference list, and prepare for job interviews.

Throughout the co-op program, students also have access to co-op coordinators who help them plan and prepare for their placements.

This is when students start applying for jobs. The Job Competition begins in the study term prior to the work term, where students apply for job postings on mySuccess or through their own guided job search.

Co-op and internship work terms must meet the following criteria:

  • Full-time (minimum 35 hours)
  • 12 to 16 weeks long (ideally 16 weeks of employment)
  • Paid
  • Relevant to the student's field of study/discipline

Once a placement has been confirmed, students are registered for a work term that will appear as a non-credited course on their academic transcripts.

Co-operative Education is strongest when students 'learn by doing' but then also actively 'reflect'. This allows students to deepen their understanding of what they just experiened and how it affects what's next for them. This is why co-op students are required to write and submit work term reports at the end of their placement that allows for this reflection on their experience and how it connects to what they are learning in the classroom.

Let co-op give you an edge!

Earn while you learn and graduate with 12 months of paid, relevant, full-time work experience. Co-op students alternate between periods of study and working in industry being able to integrate the information they are learning and apply it right away. This gives you an edge in your post-graduate job search as well as gives you an opportunity to learn more about what you like and don't like about your future career options.

Try out a work term in a big city for one term, consider whether you prefer to work for a large corporation or start up. It all adds up to personal and professional growth that makes you more ready to choose your career upon graduation.

Co-op Opportunities and Employer Partners

Whether your field of study is business, computer science, chemistry/biochemistry, engineering, physics, or kinesiology, we'll help you find a co-op partner that aligns with your interests. We work with employers in industries such as automotive, technology, business, finance, government, healthcare, and more.

These co-op opportunities will help you build your resume and the skills you will need throughout your employment journey. You will also get the chance to make a good impression at your chosen company, increasing your chances of obtaining employment after graduation.

The University of Windsor works with a diverse range of employers locally, nationally, and internationally. Students interested may seek placement anywhere in Canada or around the globe.

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