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Student Spotlight: Vaibhavi Joshi - MAC (Master of Applied Computing) Internship


Out with the Old in with the New!

“During my eight-month work term at the Royal Bank of Canada, I was given the opportunity to solve a blocker for our team. By solving this blocker, the DevOps process of the iOS application now runs more efficiently compared to the old-process. Initially, I was intimidated when given this project thinking to myself “What if I cannot do this?” but I knew it was time to prove my ability, I pushed aside the negative thoughts occupying my mind and started to read and adjusting the script. After a few days of debugging a combination of different inside one big script I resolved the issue.”

UWindsor Where i-Innovate

“As an international student, coming to the University of Windsor was an eye opener. The professors are truly approachable and are willing to assist you with any issue or question. My journey in the Master of Applied Computing Program has allowed me to grow in many ways. I have gained a variety of technical skills particularly in my Systems Programming course where I’ve learned Shell Scripting, which has proven to be very applicable in the real world. Furthermore, collaborating with others during team projects has taught me how to approach people and work effectively as a team.”


“If I had to give advice to other Master of Applied Computing students on how they can learn to be innovative, I would recommend staying up-to-date with this fast-changing technical world. This doesn't mean you need know everything, just try to adopt a different vision everyday for different problems.”

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