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Employer Spotlight: Active Care Management

Medical insurance specialists providing 24/7/365 worldwide assistance.

Active Care Management (ACM) has been providing worldwide comprehensive medical case management, medical assistance, claims processing, and cost containment services to the insurance industry, third-party administrators and agencies for almost two decades. ACM is a global leader in the administration of group insurance, expatriate and travel insurance programs. ACM’s head office is located in Windsor, Ontario.


Meet Adam Burger, an Honours Business Administration student working for Active Care Management here in Windsor.

“What I enjoy the most about working at Active Care Management is the people here, the management team and all my colleagues. The people care and they actually enjoy the work that they are doing. The team here definitely has a good family feel to it! I think that since this is my first co-op term, having a company that makes you feel comfortable and that does a great job in training and advancing your career is very important. I think that ACM is a great company to work for!”

“The best part my job is the fact that you are helping people and that you are making a difference. When people call into us they are facing real medical emergencies, they need help, and what we do as that first point of contact is assist them in any way that we can. Whether that means finding them a hospital or refunding them for something that they purchased. It’s a very gratifying experience.”

“I would recommend Active Care Management to other co-op students because they do not treat you as just a student. They really treat you as a valued employee; they put a lot of training and development into you because they want to see you excel! That’s something I couldn’t have asked for.”