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COVID-19 Co-op FAQ & Updates

As a co-op student or student intern, we understand you may have questions or concerns regarding your program. Please review the FAQ and update information below as it may contain information that could answer some of your questions.

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Employer Partner Questions

Yes, we will run weekly rounds of continuous hiring for the rest of the job competition and are actively recruiting for Summer 2020.  We anticipate there may be a delay to the start date for the Summer term and are working with our National and Provincial co-operative education associations to petition for flexibility in the Ontario tax credit (to allow for a shortened work term) and to seek Federal dollars as part of the Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) to help subsidize work term costs for employers who have been affected by COVID-19.

Contact with your job posting today or with any questions.

Yes, all interviews will now be conducted via phone or virtually using tools preferable to your organization.  Email with any questions.

Students have been messaged that they will retain academic credit for the time spent on work term to date and are free to release themselves from continuing their work term.

Alternatives organizations have chosen are remote work options.  Most students are now conducting their work in a remote setting to ensure social distancing.

For those organizations who are unable to provide remote work, employers have been given the option to end work terms early or if students and the employer are comfortable continue abiding by the strict requirements of social distancing provided by the Government of Canada.

Current Student Questions

Winter 2020 Students on Work Term

You will have received an email from with details as to how to release yourself from a Winter 2020 with full academic credit and our expectation for social distancing.  If you have not received this message, please contact your Program Co-op Coordinator.

Rest assured that all students who began their co-op work term in January will be given full co-op credit despite having their position end early due to COVID-19, as long as the required end of year assessment and evaluation form are submitted. The co-op office will accept employer evaluation forms even after students have left their positions to ensure the students receive the credit.

Co-op students working within Canada who have had their placement cut short may be entitled to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. Domestic and international students whose work was impacted by COVID-19 could be eligible for a taxable benefit of $2,000 a month for four months through the new Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) initiated by the Canadian Government.

Applications will be accepted starting April 6, 2020.  For more information on the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, visit:  Government of Canada’s Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

Students Abroad

Co-op students who are working outside of Canada who have been advised to return to Canada may apply for financial assistance up to $500 to help offset any additional costs associated with plane ticket change fees or increased costs of flights over an above what the initial return flight would have totaled. Please keep all the receipts and contact the co-op office for how to apply.

Winter 2020 Students in the Job Competition

We will be running continuous hiring rounds each week until the end of the term.  We are still actively recruiting for Summer 2020 work terms.  Interviews have all been moved to phone or Skype/Zoom etc..

We are creating flexible pathways for you to be able to start and end your work term under the typical minimum of 420 hours and are monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation for an acceptable and safe start date. More information will be coming out shortly.

If you have any unanswered questions, please email or contact your Program Co-op Coordinator or Employer Relations Co-op Coordinator directly.

Summer placed for a Summer 2020 Work Term

We are hearing from some employers that summer placement may be a challenge in light of COVID-19 and they may have to retract or shorten the work term.  To address this we are working closely with employers and students to be as flexible as possible.  Some of the initiatives we have put in place include:

  • Allowing for a delayed start date so that placements are not cancelled
  • Approving a minimum eight-week work term, if necessary, that will still count for academic credit pending all assignments and a final evaluation have been completed
  • Reducing by one the minimum number of work terms required by the undergraduate program so that students will still graduate with a co-op designation. Graduate students still require one work term to graduate with the co-op designation.
  • Allowing students the opportunity to re-sequence where possible so that they resume classes in the summer and enter a future job competition.

Fall 2020 Term

Students in co-op or applying to co-op will be supported remotely until further notice. Our Transform job readiness program will be ready for students to be supported on-line.

Fall 2020 Students on Work Term

Students competing this summer for a Fall 2020 work term will compete in a continuous round competition and will be able to work in both remote and positions which meet the government standards for physical distancing.