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CTL-LMS Coop Students - W2021 Roster

Charles Corro Charles Corro, Student Online Learning Assistant

Charles is a Student LMS Project Assistant on Blackboard for the CTL at the University of Windsor. He is in his third year, majoring in Computer Science specializing in Software Engineering.

Charles chose the CTL team to improve his skills necessary for the workplace. Together with the CTL team, he hopes to build on the skills he is less confident in by doing various tasks, such as assisting professors with Blackboard queries and building connections. Although the role is not highly technical, Charles especially enjoys taking the initiative on tasks, when particular tasks that align with his field of knowledge arise. These tasks include Application Testing, Programming Inquiries, and using various knowledge he's learned from his studies to find solutions for various tickets and requests.

With the experience CTL has to offer, Charles is excited to continue to grow his skills and work in various roles to gain experience that could be useful not only in a work environment but in any setting as well.

Charles enjoys a wide variety of hobbies including photography, filmography, and eating good food. When he has free time, he is either gaming, watching shows, or working on projects. 

Eric Mcfarlane Eric Mcfarlane, Student Online Learning Assistant

Eric is a Student Online Learning Assistant for  the University of Windsor’s Learning Management system, Blackboard.  He is in his third year of Electrical Engineering.  Eric  has always enjoyed assisting others with technical problems, and while doing so  advancing his  communication and teaching skills. This position has allowed him to develop  his knowledge in new software programs, as well as basic HTML  understanding. Eric supports all staff and faculty with anything pertaining to Blackboard.

Eric is  still determining his future career. However, he does know that he enjoys playing sports and traveling on his free time.

Hussein Merza Hussein Merza, Student Online Learning Assistant

Hussein is a Student On-Line Learning Assistant for the University of Windsor’s Learning Management system, Blackboard. He is in his third year of studying Electrical and Computer Engineering, with a specialization in Computer Engineering.

Hussein is interested in analytics, software development, testing and documentation. As a Student On-Line Learning Assistant, he hopes to gain experience in customer service and improve his written and oral communication skills by helping students, faculty, and staff by providing end user support. He also hopes to gain QA skills and further his knowledge of reporting and database software. Hussein is working on weekly reporting using Google Analytics, several wiki pages, and is also testing and documenting the Bb upgrade for the Fall 2021 semester.

In the future, he hopes to work in the computer engineering field to continue learning along side other fellow engineers on how to develop and test computer software and hardware.

Hussein enjoys playing videos games, programming microcontrollers, building/repairing computers, and electronics in general.

Rohan Dhillon Rohan Dhillon, Student Online Learning Assistant

Rohan is a Student On-line Learning Assistant for BlackBoard at the University of Windsor. He is in his third year of Electrical Engineering.

Rohan enjoys problem solving as that is a fundamental part of Engineering and he applies his  problem-solving  skills  to help the CTL achieve their goals.  He  loves to work one on one to with  faculty, staff, and students  to help them  with any Blackboard issues they may have.  This position has allowed him to  develop his teaching skills  and it has helped him improve his communication and organizational skills. 

Currently, Rohan is studying to become an Electrical Engineer. He hopes to work in the automotive industry once he completes his bachelor’s degree.

He enjoys playing sports such as hockey and he also loves travelling.

Valerie Doan Valerie Doan, Student Online Learning Assistant

Val is a Student On-line Learning Assistant for the Online  Learning System, Blackboard at CTL for the University of Windsor. She is in her third year of Business Administration, specializing  in Human  Resources  and minoring in Political Science.

Val is interested in helping others, and the opportunity  of being exposed to a professional work environment, while gaining valuable  work experience. She believes her position  allows her to build  valuable training and communicative skills when helping faculty, staff, and  students to understand BlackBoard. As part of her role, she helps facilitate BlackBoard  virtual help sessions to provide end-user support. Additionally, she is working a project to modify the Student Employee Orientation to  ease the transition  when on  boarding  new student recruitments.

Currently, Val is studying for her LSATs  to purse a law degree to work in sectors of either Family, Environmental or Corporate law. She has dreams of becoming a lawyer or pursing a career in Policy Change in Government.

She enjoys trying new foods, outdoor activities and traveling because it pushes her to go outside her comfort zone. She hopes to have a flexible job that allows her to travel, or job that requires her to relocate to an area she may want to live in.

Zeina SibaeiZeina Sibaei, Student Online Learning Assistant

Zeina is a Student On-line Learning Assistant for CTL. She is in her third year of mechanical engineering.

Zeina enjoys working with professors from different departments and guiding them as they adapt their course materials to suit the  online  learning environment at CTL. She improved her programming and web development skills by undertaking a project that involves creating and training a contextual AI assistant for the CTL; available 24/7 to provide help for users.  She also worked on managing and captioning video recordings of workshop and managing data of recorded help requests.

In the future,  Zeina wishes to work with robots, AI, and embedded systems. She wishes to specialize in automation and optimization of processes, and hopes to patent her own inventions someday.

Part-Time/Ignite Students - W2021 Roster

Jaegar KingJaegar King, Student Online Learning Assistant

Jaegar is a  Senior  On-line Learning Assistant on Blackboard for the CTL at the University of Windsor. He is  currently in his  fourth  year  of study,  pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science in civil  engineering.

He is highly interested in software applications related to civil engineering to further develop support and products to consumers. Jaegar has a wide-range of experience using software applications such as Staad.Pro, ARC GIS, AutoCAD, HEC-RAS, and more.  Throughout working with CTL, Jaegar has learned more in-depth details about several software applications including Blackboard, Yuja, Better Examinations, Microsoft Office, and a few video editing softwares. Working with CTL has further developed  Jaegar’s  data analytic skills, as well as computer technical skills.

Jaegar plans to pursue  a  Master’s in Applied Science  degree in civil engineering. He hopes to use his educational background and work experience  to  obtain an opportunity to  build sustain  ble and safe  infrastructure  as a civil engineer.

He enjoys spending quality time with family and friends,  as well as  performing  physical exercise by participating in outdoor activities and attending a local gym.

Nathan CherryNathan Cherry, Teaching and Learning Project Assistant

Nathan  is a  Teaching and Learning Project Assistant  at  the  University of Windsor  currently in his third year, pursuing a  Computer Science  degree  specializing in Software Engineering.

Nathan is a returning member of the CTL, previously employed as a Student LMS Project Assistant.  During his time at the CTL, he focused on overall automation of daily tasks.  Some notable workflows he developed include but are not limited to; the shifts sync tool, the BB Café reporting tool, and a COVID meeting scheduling process.  In his current position he has a further emphasis on data collection and analysis. Nathan’s  focus  this term is  the Xanadu project,  the consolidation of several CTL systems to streamline year end reporting.

Nathan has several years of experience as a web developer and plans to continue his career in the I.T. industry.

During his spare  time,  he is often found on his computer whether it be working on various projects, playing games, or surfing the internet.

Ronak DoowdRonak Doowd, Senior LMS Project Assistant

Ronak is a MBA student at the Odette School of Business.  She is currently entering her third module and plans to complete the program November of 2021.

Ronak began working with the Centre for Teaching and Learning as a full-time coop student in the summer of 2020. Currently, Ronak works part-time as a Senior LMS Project Assistant with CTL. Ronak has worked on campus for over a year as a Communication Assistant and Teaching Assistant with the Co-operative Education office. Ronak is currently working on various projects and works closely with our coop students to maintain an effective on-line teaching environment for our staff, faculty, and students.

After graduation,  Ronak  hopes to pursue a career is Human Resources, specifically training and development, and student professional development. She also hopes to become a sessional  professor after gaining some industry experience!

During her spare time,  Ronak  likes to go for runs, play tennis, travel, and watch Modern Family on  Netflix!

Zorka GlobarevicZorka Globarevic, Senior LMS Project Assistant

Zorka is a part-time Senior LMS Project Assistant for the CTL at the University of Windsor. She is currently in her last semester of Industrial Engineering (IE) with a minor in Mathematics.

Zorka has worked with a strong team of leaders here at CTL that has contributed to the effectiveness of academic units by providing technical, administrative, and project support for University of Windsor’s Learning Management System, Blackboard Learn. Some roles involved providing second level IT and related support to end-users to resolve any system related issues, development of documents for the CTL Annual Report, and supported instructors with adopting and implementing technology for their Blackboard course sites.

Working for CTL has enabled Zorka to work collaboratively with a diverse team, assist in organization of project, including elements of communication, logistics, project management and time management.

Zorka looks forward to providing innovative solutions to design, manage, organize, and assist businesses to operate at their optimum potential capacity as an IE one day.