CTL Work Students

GATA Network

Paige CoynePaige Coyne, GATA Network Coordinator
Paige Coyne is a GATA Network Coordinator at the University of Windsor. She is responsible for supporting graduate assistants and teaching assistants in their roles and assisting with professional development. Paige is a graduate of the University of Windsor’s MHK program and is currently a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Human Kinetics. Additionally, she holds a University Teaching Certificate.

CTL-LMS Coop Students

Jin CaiJin Cai, Student LMS Assistant
Jin is in her third year of Computer Science, specializing in Software Engineering. As a Student LMS Assistant, her primary role in CTL includes enhancing the learning experience by troubleshooting issues for instructors, providing guidance on Brightspace, and assisting with the TDx tickets on time. Through these responsibilities, Jin will develop essential skills such as communication, problem-solving, and a deep understanding of educational technologies. Her engaging in hands-on projects at work will also improve her data analysis skills.
In the future, Jin hopes to work in the software engineering industry while also nurturing the dream of establishing a small bakery shop and a bubble tea shop. In her spare time, Jin enjoys playing puzzles, playing piano, and K-pop dance.

Christine WongChristine Wong, Student LMS Assistant
Christine is in her third year of Computer Science at the University of Windsor. Currently, she is working as a Student LMS Assistant at the Centre for Teaching and Learning.
Christine's primary role at CTL is to support students and staff with the transition to Brightspace. To facilitate a better learning environment, her tasks include providing live support through Teams and TeamDynamix, creating How-To videos and documentations, and participating in various projects to allow CTL to better understand how users use Brightspace. Her position at CTL will help her enhance her communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.
After graduation, Christine hopes to work in the artificial intelligence industry. Her experience as a LMS Assistant will be a valuable asset in building the project management and data analysis skills that will be needed.
In her spare time, Christine enjoys watching movies and reading comics

Part-Time/Ignite Students

Gena DufouGena Dufour, Researcher
Gena Dufour is a Ph.D. student in Applied Social Psychology. She is a queer, Métis, first-generation academic originally from rural Manitoba. She holds a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and her research broadly focuses on the ways in which victims of gender-based violence interact with larger systems and institutions in society. Her doctoral studies explore the role of university policies and responses in shaping the recovery process for survivors of campus sexual violence. Currently, Gena is a Research Assistant at the CTL helping on a collaborative SSHRC Partnership Development Grant (Using relational systems thinking to explore and advance Indigenization of teaching and learning at three Canadian higher education institutions).

Akshat GuptaAkshat Gupta, Applications and Database Project Assistant
Akshat is a fourth-semester Master of Management student, specializing in business Data Analytics. This fall, he will be working part-time with CTL as an Applications and Database Project Assistant, wherein he will primarily be working on the Xanadu project. His role requires him to use multiple technologies to combine data from disparate sources and transform it as per the business requirements in order to get rid of any irregularities, which can later be converted into meaningful visualizations to communicate valuable insights for CTL manual reporting.
Akshat enjoys sweating out in the gym, listening to music, playing basketball, and skating.

Chidera IkewibeChidera Ikewibe, Anti-Oppression Initiatives at the University of Windsor
Chidera is an ignite student working with CTL and OHREA on an environmental scan of Anti-Black Racism and anti-oppression initiatives on the University of Windsor Campus. Chidera is a fourth year double major in English and Creative Writing and Psychology with Thesis. She hopes to one day be clinical neuropsychologist. In the meantime, when Chidera is not working or doing school, she can be found writing poetry or working on her podcast.

Ayman KhabitAyman Khabit, Student LMS Project Assistant
Ayman is in his third year of Business Administration, specializing in the finance option. Ayman loves problem solving and getting involved with assisting coworkers and others with any arising issues. He enjoys participating and leading projects to success using his experience from previous employments.
Ayman is highly involved with campus clubs and activities that help younger students transitioning to Business administration find success in their future goals. The achievement of which he is most proud is employing struggling workers in his home country of Lebanon.
As an undergraduate student in Business Administration, Ayman hopes to one day work for and with leading financial institutions to help struggling small businesses. His favorite activity is scuba diving in remote areas.

Mohammad Musaad Hussain ImteyazMohammad Musaad Hussain Imteyaz, Teaching and Learning Research and Project Assistant
Mohammad Musaad enrolled at the Master’s in Electrical & Computer Engineering at University of Windsor in September 2021. He joined the Centre for Teaching and Learning as a Teaching & Learning Research Project Assistant in September 2022. Mohammad Musaad Assists the GATA Network in assessing the Qualtrics survey’s, content creator, front end lookout and literature reviewer and supports the Network digital outreach for various initiatives.
As a master student in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mohammad Musaad hopes to learn the development of sustainability with zero emissions. His interest is in FPGA , renewable energy, programming, and electronics power equipment design. This asset will guide Mohammad Musaad to pursue his career goals in the engineering industry.
His favorite activity is to play football, dance, swim, and code.

Jashkumar Anilbhai MakadiyaJashkumar Anilbhai Makadiya, Applications and Database Project Assistant
Jash is a second semester Graduate Student at the University of Windsor pursuing a Master of Management specializing in Business Data Analytics. He will be working part-time with CTL as an Applications and Database Project Assistant, wherein he will primarily be working on the Xanadu project. He has a few years of experience in development and analysis combining hands-on experience with software tools and technologies like SQL and Python.
He kills his time watching stand-up comedy and motivational podcasts. He has played Badminton at the National Level, so you might often find him at the Lancer Rec Court.

Abbas MansourAbbas Mansour, Student LMS Project Assistant
Abbas is currently a third-year Electrical Engineering student. Abbas’s role at the CTL is to assist users with the shift to Brightspace. Abbas is looking forward to learning new functions and getting familiar with them quickly to assist others in order to effectively assist other to successfully specific tasks on Brightspace.
Abbas’s career goals consist of working in the United States or Qatar in Electrical Engineering, preferably as a software/design engineer. The CTL will help boost the software aspect by providing experience with assisting with tickets and specific tasks for users around the University of Windsor.
Abbas enjoys watching and playing sports such as basketball, soccer, and football. Music is very therapeutic for him and reading more entrepreneurs books and listening to podcasts is something he has recently picked up.

Sarah MerzaSarah Merza, Student LMS Project Assistant
Sarah is in her second year of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at the university of Windsor. She is currently working at CTL as a Student Learning Management System (LMS) Project Assistant.
Sarah joined CTL as an ignite student to help the CTL team with supporting the learning management system (LMS) D2L Brightspace. Her role involves testing, documenting, and collaborating on various projects involving the new LMS. She is also responsible for offering live/in-person support via Brightspace Drop-in and collaborating on various projects.
In the future, Sarah hopes to work in the medical field as a pharmacist/pediatrician and aims to help those in need.
During her spare time, Sarah enjoys painting, swimming, and volunteering at various organizations at the university of Windsor including PSC and Relay for Life.

Kap Thang Kap Thang, Student LMS Project Assistant
Kap Thang is in his third year of Computer Science, specializing in Software Engineering. Kap’s primary role includes responding to Blackboard support request tickets and providing assistance in BBCafe virtual help desk.
Kap’s passion is in the development of software for the web, desktop and mobile platforms – full stack development. Kap’s position at CTL will aid in further developing skills in presentation, teamwork and project management in a team coordinated environment. These assets will help guide Kap to pursue his career goals in the software industry. Kap has built several websites and web apps using some of the latest web technologies such as React, Tailwind and Express frameworks both as individually and as a group.
Kap’s career goals are to become a senior tech lead software engineer and teach computer science as a professor. CTL will help pave the way for Kap by helping him further develop his ability to present, manage, support, develop and lead in projects.
In his free time, Kap likes to learn new programming languages on YouTube by building new personal projects.