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CTL Work Students

GATA Network

Paige CoynePaige Coyne, GATA Network Coordinator
Paige Coyne is a GATA Network Coordinator at the University of Windsor. She is responsible for supporting graduate assistants and teaching assistants in their roles and assisting with professional development. Paige is a graduate of the University of Windsor’s MHK program and is currently a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Human Kinetics. Additionally, she holds a University Teaching Certificate.

Irene MuirIrene Muir, GATA Network Coordinator
As the GATA Network Coordinator, Irene provides support, mentorship, and professional development opportunities to GAs and TAs on campus. Irene is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Human Kinetics, specializing in sport and exercise psychology. She has experience as both a graduate assistant and sessional instructor and is currently completing the University Teaching Certificate.

CTL-LMS Coop Students - Fall 2021 Roster

Ravi BhagatRavi Bhagat, Student Online Learning Assistant
Ravi is a Student Online Learning Assistant for the CTL at the University of Windsor. He is in his third year, majoring in Computer Science with Software Engineering specialization.

Ravi chose the CTL team because it will help him develop various soft skills, such as effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership. He wishes to achieve them by engaging with colleagues, professors from different departments, faculty members, and staff. He would like to improve his technical skills, such as programming, web development, and researching, by helping out the CTL with various projects and finding solutions for tickets and requests.

Ravi wants to pursue a career in software development after graduation. To become a software developer, Ravi will learn collaboration, various technical skills by helping with ongoing projects, and assisting the faculty members and students while working with the CTL.

Ravi enjoys consuming science fiction media. He also likes spending his spare time with his friends and family, as well as running and exercising.

Nathan Cherry, Student Online Learning Assistant
Nathan is a Teaching and Learning Project Assistant at the University of Windsor currently in his fourth year pursuing a Computer Science degree specializing in Software Engineering.

Nathan is a returning member of the CTL, previously employed as a Student LMS Project Assistant. During his time at the CTL, he focused on overall automation of daily tasks. Some notable workflows he developed include but are not limited to; the shifts sync tool, the BB Café reporting tool, and a COVID meeting scheduling process. In his current position his work will continue to emphasize data collection and analysis. Nathan’s focus this term is the Xanadu project, the consolidation of several CTL systems to streamline year end reporting.

Nathan has several years of experience as a web developer and plans to continue his career in the I.T. industry.

During his spare time, he is often found on his computer whether it be working on various projects, playing games, or surfing the internet.

Daniom HailemariamDaniom Hailemariam, Student Online Learning Assistant
Daniom is a Student Online Learning Assistant for the CTL at the University of Windsor. He is in his fourth year of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Minor in Computer Science.

Daniom is interested in software development, support, and improving his oral communication skills. This opportunity at the CTL allows Daniom to improve communication skills by assisting users of Blackboard. Additionally, he hopes to work on the exciting AI and automation projects. He has taken several academic and extracurricular programming courses to develop useful technical skills.

He hopes to work in the development of AI, Robotics, and Computer Engineering, while developing important skills for communication.

He enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and exercising in his free time.

Eric McfarlaneEric Mcfarlane, Student Online Learning Assistant
Eric is a Student Online Learning Assistant for the University of Windsor’s Learning Management system, Blackboard. He is in his third year of Electrical Engineering.

Eric has always enjoyed assisting others with technical problems, and while doing so advancing his communication and teaching skills. This position has allowed him to develop his knowledge in new software programs, as well as basic HTML understanding. Eric supports all staff and faculty with anything pertaining to Blackboard.

Eric is still determining his future career. However, he does know that he enjoys playing sports and traveling in his free time.

Hussein Merza Hussein Merza, Student Online Learning Assistant
Hussein is a Student Online Learning Assistant for the University of Windsor’s Learning Management system, Blackboard. He is in his third year of studying Electrical and Computer Engineering, with a specialization in Computer Engineering.

Hussein is interested in analytics, software development, testing and documentation. As a Student On-Line Learning Assistant, he hopes to gain experience in customer service and improve his written and oral communication skills by helping students, faculty, and staff by providing end user support. He also hopes to gain QA skills and further his knowledge of reporting and database software. Hussein is working on weekly reporting using Google Analytics, several wiki pages, and is also testing and documenting the Bb upgrade for the Fall 2021 semester.

In the future, he hopes to work in the computer engineering field to continue learning alongside other fellow engineers on how to develop and test computer software and hardware.

Hussein enjoys playing videos games, programming microcontrollers, building/repairing computers, and electronics in general.

Zeina Sibaei, Student Online Learning Assistant
Zeina is a Student Online Learning Assistant for CTL. She is in her third year of mechanical engineering.

Zeina enjoys working with professors from different departments and guiding them as they adapt their course materials to suit the online learning environment at CTL. She improved her programming and web development skills by undertaking a project that involves creating and training a contextual AI assistant for the CTL; available 24/7 to provide help for users. She also worked on managing and captioning video recordings of workshop and managing data of recorded help requests.

In the future, Zeina wishes to work with robots, AI, and embedded systems. She wishes to specialize in automation and optimization of processes, and hopes to patent her own inventions someday.

Part-Time/Ignite Students - Fall 2021 Roster

Eric Jonathan Eric Jonathan, Student LMS Project Assistant
Eric is a Student LMS Project Assistant at CTL for the University of Windsor’s Online Learning System, Blackboard. He is currently in his third year pursuing an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree with a fourth-year specialization into electrical automotive.

With a keen interest in helping others, Eric chose to join the CTL team to improve key soft and hard skills for the workplace. Eric understands that well developed communication skills are a key factor in a successful career and through his time at CTL, he hopes to further improve his own skills with his interactions with clients, supervisors, and team members alike.

In the future, Eric hopes to incorporate the variety of skills he’s learned at CTL to eventually work in the electrical automotive industry. During his spare time, Eric enjoys playing music, basketball, and video games.

Nick NguyenNick Nguyen, Student LMS Project Assistant
Nick is a Student LMS Project Assistant for the Center for Teaching and Learning. He is entering his third year of electrical engineering.

Nick enjoys learning new things and subjects. He also enjoys finding problems and different ways to resolve them. At CTL, Nick is always improving and learning new tips and tricks about Blackboard, which he can later on help professors, staff, and students. What Nick hopes to gain from CTL is to further improve his oral communication and teaching skills through the various opportunities given here at CTL.

Currently, Nick is looking to finish his undergraduate at the University of Windsor as an electrical engineer and hopes to eventually positively affect lives.

On his spare time, he loves to relax and play video games with his friends.

Rohan Dhillon Rohan Dhillon, Student LMS Project Assistant
Rohan is a Student LMS Project Assistant for BlackBoard at the University of Windsor. He is in his third year of Electrical Engineering.

Rohan enjoys problem solving as that is a fundamental part of Engineering and he applies his  problem-solving  skills  to help the CTL achieve their goals.  He  loves to work one on one to with  faculty, staff, and students  to help them  with any Blackboard issues they may have.  This position has allowed him to  develop his teaching skills  and it has helped him improve his communication and organizational skills. 

Currently, Rohan is studying to become an Electrical Engineer. He hopes to work in the automotive industry once he completes his bachelor’s degree.

He enjoys playing sports such as hockey and he also loves travelling.

Mohamad GhosnMohamad Ghosn, Student LMS Project Assistant
Mohamad is a Student LMS Project Assistant for CTL at the University of Windsor. He is in his third year of studies in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program.

As the main goal of CTL is to provide aid and support to faculty, staff, and students in the online environment, Mohamad is dedicated in providing this same support and aid to all in need. He believes in CTL’s goals and looks forward to learning about all the different ways CTL assists people. Mohamad hopes to grow as an individual and learn all he can from the work culture of CTL.

Mohamad hopes to one day manage his own team in providing new technology that will help create efficiency. The CTL’s work environment, will help him learn all that he can about management and community work.

During his spare time, Mohamad enjoys swimming, as he used to be a lifeguard at the YMCA. He is usually either gaming, watching various shows, or going out with friends! (although COVID is not allowing much going out…)

Sean RossSean Ross, Student LMS Project Assistant
Sean is a summer CTL Ignite student employee entering his fourth year in Computer Science/Software Engineering. This summer, he is focusing on a centralized database structure and visual report generation. The Ignite position has given Sean the unique opportunity to work at the University of Windsor as a student, learning real-world technical skills incredibly relevant to his degree and future career aspirations. A creative mind, Sean also enjoys music, photography, filmmaking, and painting, and has been a piano teacher for three years.

Daniyaal SohaibDaniyaal Sohaib, Student LMS Project Assistant
Daniyaal is a Student LMS Project Assistant for the CTL at the University of Windsor. He is in his third year of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in the Automotive option.

Daniyaal has always shown interest in learning about new software and technological tools along with the opportunities to take initiatives with assigned tasks. He believes that CTL proves to be a great department to practically acquire the skills he is seeking to strengthen. Daniyaal aims to utilize his experience within the engineering field, as it has significantly enhanced his public-speaking, problem-solving, project management, organizational, and analytical skills.

In the future, Daniyaal desires to work within the automotive field and aims to be part of the operations involving manufacturing and designing of automobiles.

During his spare time, Daniyaal enjoys a wide variety of hobbies including travelling, playing sports/video games, watching shows, and learning about different graphic-design or architectural software.

Lindsay ShawLindsay Shaw, Research Coordinator, Institutional Teaching Culture Perception Surveys Project
Lindsay has been the Research Coordinator for the Institutional Teaching Culture Perception Surveys (ITCPS) project ( since 2016. She is an Academic Advisor and is also a PhD Student in the Faculty of Education at Brock University. Her research interests include student learning and development, student services in higher education, and institutional teaching culture.

Renée TaylorRenée Taylor, Environmental Scan Project Coordinator with the Centre for Teaching and Learning and the Office of Human Rights, Equity, and Accessibility

Renée is a PhD candidate in Adult Clinical Psychology at the University of Windsor. Her research focusses on Black Canadian mental health and well-being. Specifically, she is interested in exploring the barriers that make it difficult for Black Canadians to access mental health services. As Environmental Scan Project Coordinator she will be reviewing the resources and practices currently in place within and outside the University of Windsor that support anti-Black racism and anti-oppression.

Kyle Tiede Kyle Tiede, Student LMS Project Assistant
Kyle has always enjoyed problem solving and assisting others with problems that arise. In doing so, Kyle hopes to enhance both his verbal and written communication skills by assisting students, faculty, and staff with problems or questions that arise while working at CTL.

Currently, Kyle is studying to become a Mechanical Engineer. He hopes to work with robots once he completes his bachelor’s degree.

Kyle enjoys playing sports like golf and hockey, and he also enjoys travelling whenever he can. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, and also enjoys activities such as wakeboarding.

Lauren WellerLauren Weller, Curriculum Services
Lauren is an Ignite Summer Student with the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Lauren holds a BSc Honours Degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, two post-graduate certificates in sustainable development and environmental law, and spent 10 years working as an environmental manager in the mining industry before returning to academia. Lauren is currently completing an MSc in Environmental Science at the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (GLIER), University of Windsor, where she is also the FERN Program Coordinator in the Healthy Headwaters Lab.

Lauren is passionate about teaching in Higher Education and is due to complete the University Teaching Certificate Program offered by the University of Windsor in the summer of 2021.


Arief KartoloArief Kartolo, Indigenizing Curriculum
Arief Kartolo is a PhD candidate in the Applied Social Psychology program at the University of Windsor. His research focuses on the impact of intercultural and intergroup conflicts; specifically, on the impact and interventions to mitigate the negative effects of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination in the workplace. He has published numerous articles with a wide range of topics, including the investigation of organizational culture on perceived discrimination, empirical assessment on the uses of social media on Indigenous activism, and creation of a burnout measure. In addition to his academic work, he has written many blog posts and provided consultation services to advocate for the inclusion and well-being of employees in the workplace.

Evan Ripley-McNeilEvan Ripley-McNeil, Practicum Student
Evan Ripley-McNeil is a MA student in the Applied Social Psychology program at the University of Windsor. His research centres around well-being, social relationships, and social justice issues. Evan has been involved in various administrative roles and mental health initiatives on campus. Evan will be working with CTL to explore innovative approaches to quality assurance and enhancement through an environmental scan.