CTL Work Students

GATA Network

Paige CoynePaige Coyne, GATA Network Coordinator
Paige Coyne is a GATA Network Coordinator at the University of Windsor. She is responsible for supporting graduate assistants and teaching assistants in their roles and assisting with professional development. Paige is a graduate of the University of Windsor’s MHK program and is currently a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Human Kinetics. Additionally, she holds a University Teaching Certificate.

Sheldon FetterSheldon Fetter, GATA Network Project Assistant (Ignite student)
Sheldon is a GATA Network Project Assistant at the University of Windsor, whereby her main responsibilities are advertising, outreach, project logistics and coordination. Sheldon graduated from her Master of Human Kinetics here at the University of Windsor and is currently a PhD student in the Community Health, Environment, and Wellness (CHEW) Lab, in the Faculty of Human Kinetics. She has experience as a graduate assistant and will be starting in the University Teaching Certificate Program in the fall semester.

CTL-LMS Coop Students - Summer 2022 Roster

Manroop MaderManroop Mader, Student Learning Management Assistant
Manroop will be spending a lot of his time in the BB café and responding to tickets. He will be going into his third year of Electrical Engineering in the fall of 2022.

One of Manroop’s interests is doing research and problem-solving to help solve complicated problems. The reason he is interested in this is because problem-solving is vital in the field of engineering. The CTL allows him to work with professors and staff to help troubleshoot any problems with Blackboard and with technical issues in general.

He is currently working towards becoming an Electrical Engineer. One of his career goals is to attain a leadership role once he is finished with his degree. Manroop also hopes to boost his networking abilities throughout his career. The CTL provides him a chance to be in leadership roles and to make new connections each day. Manroop hopes to be working in the aerospace industry once he is done his degree.

Something he likes to do in his spare time is playing and watching sports such as Basketball and Football. Manroop also enjoys travelling whenever he gets the chance. One of his favorite places to visit is London, England.

Sean RossSean Ross, Student LMS Project Assistant
Sean is in his fourth year of Computer Science, specializing in Software Engineering. This summer, he will be providing technical support at the BB Café virtual help desk. This Coop position will give Sean further experience in ticketing systems and on-the-spot problem solving. Continuing his previous CTL work from his Ignite student employment, Sean will continue his work on the Xanadu project, combining CTL data sources to create data visualizations for CTL annual reports. Sean enjoys music, photography, filmmaking, and painting, and has been a piano teacher for four years. In his spare time, Sean is working towards his private pilot license.

Part-Time/Ignite Students - Summer 2022 Roster

Rohan Dhillon Rohan Dhillon, Teaching and Learning Project Assistant
Rohan is in his fourth year of Electrical Engineering. Rohan first joined the CTL in the Winter 2021 semester, and he will continue to work with the CTL through the Summer 2022 semester.

Rohan enjoys problem solving as that is a fundamental part of Engineering and he applies his critical thinking skills to help the CTL achieve their goals. During his time at the CTL, Rohan has supported faculty, staff and students through various means including live support via Bb Café, tickets, workshops, and videos. Starting from the Fall 2021 semester, Rohan has been helping with the LMS Review and was one of the student representatives on the LMS Evaluation Committee. His work at the CTL has allowed him to develop his teaching skills and it has helped him improve his communication and organizational skills.

Currently, Rohan is studying to become an Electrical Engineer and he hopes to work in the automotive industry once he completes his bachelor’s degree. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports such as hockey and he also loves travelling.

Lidia Kojic Lidia Kojic, Student LMS Project Assistant
Lidia is a part-time Student LMS Project Assistant in the CTL at the University of Windsor. She is currently finishing her fourth year of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Lidia first joined the incredible CTL team during the Summer 2020 semester on a full-time basis. She has returned in a part-time capacity to continue to provide technical support for the learning technologies currently used campus wide. Her role involves offering live support via Bb Cafe, facilitating workshops, and collaborating on various projects; all of which have helped her continue to develop her technical communication skills.

With a variety of interests ranging from data analytics to user-experience design, Lidia hopes to continue to bridge the gap between users and technology throughout her career. In her spare time, she can be found reading, traveling, and overusing the exclamation mark in emails/messages!

Hussein Merza Hussein Merza, Student LMS Project Assistant
Hussein is in his fourth year of studying Electrical and Computer Engineering, with a specialization in Computer Engineering. As an LMS Project Assistant, he is responsible for working on the UWindsor chat wizard, providing end-user support, co-facilitating workshops and creating instructional material relating to Blackboard and other third party LMS software. In the future, he hopes to work in the computer engineering field to develop and test computer software and hardware.

Daniyaal SohaibDaniyaal Sohaib, Student Online Learning Assistant
Daniyaal is in his third year of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in the Automotive option.

Daniyaal has always shown interest in learning about new software and technological tools along with the opportunities to take initiatives with assigned tasks. He believes that CTL proves to be a great department to practically acquire the skills he is seeking to strengthen. Daniyaal aims to utilize his experience within the engineering field, as it has significantly enhanced his public-speaking, problem-solving, project management, organizational, and analytical skills.

In the future, Daniyaal desires to work within the automotive field and aims to be part of the operations involving manufacturing and designing of automobiles.

During his spare time, Daniyaal enjoys a wide variety of hobbies including travelling, playing sports/video games, watching shows, and learning about different graphic-design or architectural software.

Kyle Tiede Kyle Tiede, Student Online Learning Assistant
Kyle is in his third year of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in the Aerospace option.

Kyle has always enjoyed problem solving and assisting others with problems that arise. In doing so, Kyle hopes to enhance both his verbal and written communication skills by assisting students, faculty, and staff with problems or questions that arise while working at CTL.

Currently, Kyle is studying to become a Mechanical Engineer. He hopes to work within the aerospace industry once he completes his bachelor’s degree.

Kyle enjoys playing sports like golf and hockey, and he also enjoys travelling whenever he can. He enjoys spending time with family and friends and enjoys activities such as wakeboarding.