CoPE Grant

Curriculum Project Engagement Grant (CoPE Grant)

The Curriculum Project Engagement (CoPE) Grant is a new initiative to support the creation and enhancement of sustainable, effective, and engaging curriculum practices and processes. Available to all units offering academic programming, as well as academic programs that span academic units, the grant is intended to help offset costs and manage workload associated with curriculum (re)design. This grant is supported by funding from the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

How to Apply
CTL Curriculum Services invites proposals from each Faculty, in consultation with Deans and/or Program Chairs, as appropriate in Fall 2023.

To apply, please submit a completed statement of interest form by October 30, 2023

Proposals will be reviewed by CTL staff, who will work with project members to develop a detailed plan, budget, and timeline for completion. Final deadline for submission is December 8, 2023

Complete your submission on ERSO.

Curriculum Mapping of LLC Programs
Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (LLC)
Team Members: Tanja Collet-Najem, Patricia Fagan, and Jeremy Worth
Award: $1,987.89
Project Description

Renewing the B.Ed Program
Faculty of Education Education – Bachelor of Education Program (B.Ed)
Team Members: Ken Montgomery, George Zhou, Abby Nakhaie, Catherine Vanner, Andrew Allen, Bonnie Stewart, and Shi Jing Xu
Award: $5,988.00
Project Description

Incorporating Indigenous Ways of Knowing in the Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum
Faculty of Engineering
Team Members: Alex Pershai, Jacqueline A. Stagner, Afsaneh Edrisy, and Jo Asuncion
Award: $5,968.00
Project Description

Incorporating Experiential Learning in Social Work Curricula
School of Social Work
Team Members: Kristen Lwin, Robin Wright, Kristina Nikolova, Mary Kay Morand, and Wayne Ambrose-Miller
Award: $5,932.50
Project Description

University Players: Enhancing Experiential Learning (EL) and High Impact Practices (HIP) in SODA
School of Dramatic Arts (SODA)
Team Members: Tina Pugliese, David Court, and Lionel Walsh
Award: $3,278.30
Project Description

Curriculum Mapping and Review in Human Kinetics (HK)
Department of Kinesiology
Team Members: Patti Millar, Linda Rohr, Jess Dixon, and Adriana Duquette
Award: $5,948
Project Description

Creating an Effective Integrated Criminal Practice Curriculum (ICPC)
Faculty of Law
Team Members: Jillian Rogin, Wissam Aoun, Jasminka Kalajdzic, Gemma Smyth, Danardo Jones, David Tanovich, and Sara Wharton
Award: $5,520.00
Project Description

Creating Effective Systems for Monitoring and Tracking Curricular Changes
Faculty of Nursing
Team Members: Susan Fox, Kathryn Pfaff, Amanda Mcewen, and Rachel Elliot
Award: $5,995.60
Project Description

Decolonization of a Graduate Program that Targets International Students
Odette School of Business
Team Members: Robyn Herman and Brent Furneaux
Award: $5,990.00
Project Description

Developing an Evidence-based Approach to Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge into Science Curricula
Faculty of Science
Team Members: Dora Cavallo-Medved, Phil Dutton, Isabelle Barrett-Ng, and Clint Jacobs (Indigenous Knowledge Broker)
Award: $5,998.27
Project Description

Identifying Pathways to Support Students in the Completion of the International Dual Degree Program
Odette School of Business
Team members: Phil Baluyot, Karen Robson, Fazle Baki
Award: $5,932.50
Project Description