GA/TA and Grad Students

GA/TA Development Opportunities at the CTL!

The Centre for Teaching and Learning’s GA/TA development program was first started in 2008. The GATA Network itself is a collaboration with CTL and the Faculty of Graduate Studies that was initiated in 2010. With your participation and support, GATA Development will continue to grow.

If you wish to make use of any of the services listed below, or would like more information, please contact Laura Chittle at

GA/TA Services Currently Offered

GATA Network. The GATA Network Development Team works with GAs and TAs across campus, introducing them to mentors and resources they will need to improve their pedagogical knowledge and skills. The latest members of the team are: Paige Coyne, GATA Network Coordinator (, and Elizabeth Ismail, GATA Network Supervisor (, who are building upon the foundation created by Betsy Keating, Greg Paziuk and Laura Chittle. The GATA Network Development Team uses social media to connect students online. They are on Twitter at (@GATAnetwork)Facebook, and Instagram. On campus, new and experienced GAs and TAs can meet face-to-face at learning communities, workshops, and practice sessions.

University Teaching Certificate - The CTL offers the University Teaching Certificate designed to help academics, at all levels and in all disciplines, develop their teaching practice, with the goal of enhancing student learning. See the Half Courses page for descriptions of our UTC course offerings.

Local GA/TA Communities. We encourage GAs and TAs to support and learn from each other. The GATA Network will assist small departmental or faculty groups with on-site discussions or workshops. That's right, we'll come to you! Just let us know which skills your group is interested in developing. Contact us at

Classroom Observations. GAs and TAs who want feedback on their teaching may request a classroom/laboratory/tutorial observation, followed by confidential written and verbal advice about both strengths and recommended changes.

Teaching Dossier Academy. A week-long summer event involving workshops and mentoring to help you create a teaching dossier that presents you at your best.

Teaching Dossier Support. Preparing for the job market? Applying for a sessional position? The CTL is happy to provide advice, mentoring, and support to help you create stellar teaching dossiers -- throughout the year.

Individual Consultations.  We are available throughout the year to meet with you to discuss teaching and learning issues, methodologies, philosophies . . . if it's about teaching and learning, we're happy to chat!

Teaching and Learning Workshops.  Throughout the year the CTL offers a variety of teaching and learning workshops open to all members of the University of Windsor community -- including GAs and TAs. Keep an eye on our website for details.