Hundreds enjoy close encounters of the scientific kind

The wonders of science were on display Saturday to hundreds of visitors attending Science Rendezvous at the CAW Student Centre. Volunteer presenters organized activities and exhibits in a range of disciplines, from chemistry, physics and biology to computer science, astronomy, forensics and engineering.

Windsor was one of a number of sites across Canada participating in the festival, showcasing world-class research happening at the nation’s universities and other institutions.

young woman breathing visible vapour

Heavy breathing: A Science Rendezvous patron exhales her breath cooled by liquid nitrogen during the Chemistry Magic show.

kids watching fire tornado

A hot time: Youngsters crowd close to view the principle of angular momentum illustrated by a fire tornado.

girl holding up pendant

Unique keepsake: Marta Obersat-Johnson holds up a necklace she made incorporating her genetic code in the form of isolated DNA.