Leddy Library with Ambassador Bridge looming behind itDespite its proximity to the Ambassador Bridge, the Leddy Library will not lease its roof for a customs plaza.

Library roof not set for bridge plaza

Leddy Library officials have issued a denial of reports that its rooftop will house a customs plaza to serve a planned twin span of the Ambassador Bridge.

While acknowledging that the recent demolition of Electa Hall makes the library an optimal site adjacent to the proposed new six-lane, cable-stayed span across the Detroit River, acting associate university librarian Heidi Jacobs said it is not currently under consideration.

“Who knows how these rumours get started?” she said. “Of course, leasing out our rooftop would certainly help offset the low Canadian dollar at a time of increasing resource expenditures, but we have to consider the impact such a venture would have on our patrons.”

She expressed concern in response to questions from students and faculty about whether academics still need a library now that everything is on Google.

“They’re just fooling, right?” asked Jacobs.