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Ronakkumar TikariyaRonakkumar Tikariya is enrolled in the English Language Improvement Program, preparing for graduate study in mechanical engineering.

Language program provides useful skills in reading and writing: student

There is one thing that has Ronakkumar Tikariya worried about his new home in Canada: cold weather.

Enrolled in the University of Windsor’s English Language Improvement Program, he says the climate is very different from his home in Ahmedabad, India.

“I will find it difficult to survive in the winter,” he says, good-naturedly acknowledging that Windsor has among the mildest winters in Canada.

While he had heard that Canada’s education system offers practical application to industry, he chose to come to Windsor for its extensive automotive production. He will begin studies toward an M.Eng in mechanical engineering this fall.

“I want a job here as a designing engineer,” Tikariya says. “I am especially interested in all-terrain vehicles and I found in the city of Windsor there is a lot of opportunity.”

He says that the Centre for English Language Development is helping to prepare him for the next steps in his education.

“I have found I improved my writing skills and my reading skills,” says Tikariya. “I can read much faster now.”