Xin LiuA schoolteacher in her native China, Xin (Lucy) Liu is completing the English Language Improvement Program before beginning master’s studies in education.

Language classes see teacher return to being the pupil

Coming to Canada has introduced her to new ways of teaching and learning, says Xin (Lucy) Liu.

She is completing the English Language Improvement Program at the University of Windsor this summer in preparation for studies towards a master’s degree in education.

Liu taught middle school in her native China and had majored in English as an undergraduate student. Now she is exploring Canadian approaches to pedagogy.

“Education in my country is very exam-oriented,” she says. “I think the students have too much pressure. I want to learn some new methodologies.”

She says her classes at the Centre for English Language Development have played a critical role in improving her communication skills, and the social aspects are valuable, too.

“I want to take every opportunity to engage in the activities they have for us,” says Liu.

She brought her husband and daughter to participate in World Student Day, July 20 in the David Wilson Commons. They enjoyed creating giant bubbles, dancing to La Macarena during a Zumba session, and making new friends at a barbecue lunch.

It wasn’t the first instance of the family being welcomed into the community with an outdoor meal.

“People are so friendly here,” Liu says. “Soon after we moved into our new home in South Windsor, we were invited to a neighbour’s backyard barbecue. It was so nice!”