Wellbeing PortalThe COVID-19 Wellbeing Portal provides tips on how to cope with the emotions and life changes related to the pandemic.

Webpage to boost mental health and wellbeing

With the disruption to everyday life surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it is normal and common for people to be experiencing a change to their mental wellbeing, says Ashley Vodarek, mental health and wellness co-ordinator.

The Wellness Outreach Office has created a webpage to assist students, faculty, and staff in taking care of their mental wellbeing during this time.

The COVID-19 Wellbeing Portal provides information about why people may be experiencing feelings of stress and anxiousness, tips for how to cope with the emotions and life changes related to the pandemic, as well as campus and community mental health resources for further support.

“The campus community is invited to share this page with everyone to help provide the information via classroom Blackboard sites, links to the site from other webpages, using social media channels and any other means to assist in getting the word out,” Vodarek says.

The portal offers guidance on many aspects of the new ways of living including isolation, social distancing, self-care, meeting one’s basic needs, and adapting to changes in routine. As many students have returned home, a link is located on this page to mental health resources listed by province as well as updates to services such as the Student Counselling Centre, which remains open remotely for counselling appointments available via videoconference or telephone.

Students and recent alumni many also access the My Student Support Program, a 24/7 service to talk or text with a counsellor in multiple languages, available by downloading the ‘MySSP’ app or calling 1-844-451-9700.

Read more about mental health tips, coping strategies and resources to manage wellbeing on the webpage uwindsor.ca/coronavirus/wellbeing-portal.

For questions about the Wellbeing Portal or resources, contact wellness@uwindsor.ca.