students seated at tables in Student CourtyardThe Action Group on Fall Return will plan toward maximizing opportunities for students to have on-campus experiences this autumn.

Action group to guide fall return to campus

UWindsor president Robert Gordon has announced the formation of a new action group, along with associated advisory and implementation teams, to plan toward a goal of maximizing opportunities for students to have on-campus experiences in the fall.

Chris Houser, dean of science, will chair the Action Group on Fall Return.

Although more implementation teams may result as the planning process proceeds, those created so far include: campus spaces, communications, ancillary and campus services, and safe return planning and support.

Advisory teams include: employee experience; teaching, learning, and student experience; research and innovation; pandemic planning; and the joint health and safety committees.

The action group will provide updates throughout its planning process and as key developments occur, said Dr. Gordon: “We still have many unknowns ahead of us as we navigate these extraordinary circumstances, but I am confident that this new structure will help us to plan for not only the potential of fall on-campus activities, but also to help us return to the spirit of the university and our campus community.”

Find more information, including a list of committee members and an org chart, on the Return to Campus website.