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Learning Management Survey closing October 15

Faculty, staff, and students who wish to share their opinions regarding Blackboard, the University of Windsor’s learning management system (LMS), are encouraged to complete the LMS Review survey soon.  These anonymous surveys, one for faculty and staff, and one for students will close at the end of day October 15th.

The surveys are the first step of community engagement in UWindsor’s LMS Review. Coordinated by a multidisciplinary team of faculty, staff, and students the LMS review aims to gather perspectives from across campus regarding the usability of current tools, desired features, and anticipated needs for the LMS.

As the technological landscape is constantly shifting, and the campus has extensive experience with online learning and a wide variety of tools, the insight provided in these surveys will be invaluable for informing future decision making about the LMS.  (For more details about this project, please see the LMS Review web page.)

The survey will take approximately 20-minutes to complete.

Upon completing the survey, participants will have the option to enter a raffle draw (one draw is available for each survey) for one $250 Amazon gift card and five $50 Amazon gift cards. The surveys have been cleared by the Research Ethics Board.

For faculty and staff: Click this link to complete the survey.

For students: Click this link to complete the survey.

For more information about the LMS Review and how to get involved, visit