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LMS Review


Over the last five years, the University of Windsor has enhanced teaching and learning through the use of our Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard Learn. However, Blackboard recently announced plans to significantly change its approach to LMS delivery. By the end of 2023, Blackboard will offer only a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) system. As Blackboard is currently self-hosted at the University of Windsor, this change will mean significant cost increases, as well as potential loss of functionality, as some of our customizations may no longer be possible.

Why the need to review?

Given this upcoming change, the changing LMS landscape, and the University's expiring contract with Blackboard, it's an opportune time to review our LMS.  The review would allow us to take stock of the tools and technologies currently available and what we would like to see going forward.

How will this impact you?

The immediate impact will be the opportunity to share what functions and qualities in an LMS are most important to you. Your input will help the LMS Review team accurately assess campus needs, evaluate competing options, and make informed decisions for moving forward. You can start by participating in our online survey. Any University of Windsor faculty, staff, and student who wishes to participate can sign-up by clicking on this link (coming soon).  You will also have opportunities to provide input through interviews and focus groups, and for those who are interested, a chance to test alternatives and provide feedback.

During the LMS Review period (2021 and most of 2022), there will be no interruption in how you, as faculty, staff, or student, use Blackboard. Once the LMS Review has concluded, the LMS Review Team will report back to campus community.  Plans forward will depend on the results of the review, but implementation will occur through 2023 and will be completed by December 2023.

What is the process for the LMS review?

LMS Review Timeline