heart-shaped rock with word "hope" carved into itLancers Care Week will focus on the pandemic mental health needs of the campus community, Jan. 24 to 28.

Week dedicated to promoting connection and coping

Lancers Care Week, Jan. 24 to 28, will focus on the pandemic mental health needs of the campus community and starting the conversation around coping and adjusting to the return to in-person learning.

“After nearly two years of pandemic life and in the midst of another wave, many people are exhausted, overwhelmed, and run down,” says Katie Chauvin, mental health and wellness co-ordinator in the Student Counselling Centre. “It makes sense if you’re not feeling like yourself right now. It’s understandable if you’re struggling. If so, you are not alone.”

A week’s worth of activities bear the theme “Onward Together: Connecting and Coping through Uncertainty and Change,” inviting students, faculty, and staff to explore how to support ourselves and each other while navigating the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

“Everyone has their own unique story of how they have experienced the pandemic,” Chauvin says. “A shared chapter in these stories will highlight how we have come together as a campus community to support each other, foster hope, and find a way through.”

Find a full list of activities on the Lancers Care Week website.