Saran Kumar Saravanan and Dev PrajapatiSaran Kumar Saravanan and Dev Prajapati showed their project to help corn farmers identify crop diseases at Computer Science Demo Day, April 10.

Students demonstrate computer science projects

Graduate and undergraduate students setting out to creatively solve societal problems came together at the 10th Computer Science Demo Day at 300 Ouellette Ave. on Wednesday, April 10.

Mainly hailing from the Master of Applied Computing (MAC) program, with some computer science master’s students and undergraduates, the students shared their programming projects covering topics from how to best travel through France to simplifying Airbnb reviews.

Saran Kumar Saravanan and Dev Prajapati make up the team “AgroLens.” The MAC students want their website to help corn farmers identify crop diseases.

“We are focusing on classifying three diseases related to corn crop: blight, gray leaf spot, and common rust,” says Prajapati.

“Majorly grown in North America, we are focusing on how to classify diseases by uploading an image and help the user or farmer to get solutions to a particular disease, to help them find out what percentage of their crop is diseased.”

Saravanan says the motivation is to end hunger by the year 2030.

Alongside the UWindsor students, Victoria Korban, a Grade 12 student from Assumption College Catholic High School, set up her early stages pose estimation fitness project. She says demo day is a great opportunity for her.

“My end goal is a fitness app that helps you when you do a workout because sometimes you don’t know if you’re doing it right or wrong and you can get injuries,” says Korban, a co-op student working with Ziad Kobti, director of the School of Computer Science.

“This AI helps you do exercise right and detects if you’re doing it wrong or tells you to bend your knees a bit. It helps ensure you don’t get any injuries.”

Faculty and industry partners Rocket Innovation Studio, WeTech Alliance, Invest WindsorEssex, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, roamed the aisles judging the projects.

These projects received awards at the end of the day:

  • Best Overall Innovative Project: Smart Buggy (Jayati Sakervala, Akshat Rami, Abhishek Solanki)
  • Best Presentation: GoTravel (Rohan Sethi, Cibhi Basker, Vidushi Chauhan) and V-Tutor (Saravanan Chandrasekaran, Vignesh Sridhar, Rohit Raj Venkatesh)
  • Best Research: EmoGraph (Alamjeet Singh, Mobin Ali Momin, Abdul Rafey Khan)
  • Best Applied computing: CampusCart (Karan Mahajan, Sanjograj Athuja, Niharika Khurara)
  • Special Award: Live Pose (Victoria Korban)