Martin Deck holding shirts.Ryan White of the public affairs office will receive a shirt from the Campus Bookstore, like those displayed here by marketing co-ordinator Martin Deck.

UWindsor apparel makes welcome gift for new staffer

A new employee of the University of Windsor, graphic designer Ryan White has been looking for some Lancer spirit. What better apparel to don than a non-iron shirt bearing the UWindsor logo?

White won Tuesday’s DailyNews quiz contest and its fabulous prize of a dress shirt from the Campus Bookstore. His entry was drawn from all those which correctly matched holiday foods with the country most closely associated with it.

For those playing along at home:

  • the rum fruitcake Allahabadi and spiced chai tea are enjoyed in India;
  • cabbage rolls and coffee are a tradition in polka-loving Leutonia;
  • the fruit bread Christstollen and mulled glühwein are German specialties;
  • Scottish Dundee fruitcake and warm cider hail from the United Kingdom;
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken and matcha green tea are seasonal favourites in Japan;
  • the hot cereal dish kutya and fruit compote vzvar are served in Russia;
  • the cod dish lutfisk and the soft drink julmust are consumed in Sweden;
  • the tripe soup menudo and the milk punch rompope are Mexican delicacies;
  • panettone sweet bread and spumante sparkling wine are Italian;
  • tourtière meat pie and eggnog are part of a Canadian Christmas.

If you missed out, this week’s prize is available for purchase in the Campus Bookstore on the lower level of the CAW Student Centre.