Infographic indicating factors in employee engagementApply by Aug. 5 to join the Employee Engagement Survey Action Group.

Volunteers sought to join the Employee Engagement Survey Action Group

The results from the 2022 Employee Engagement Survey provided the University with a more accurate picture of the employee experiences, highlighting opportunities to create the conditions in the work environment that allow everyone to do their best and feel valued, supported, and included.

As a next step, the Office of the Vice-President, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is establishing an action group to turn the Employee Engagement Survey results into action.

“The Action Group will include representatives from various areas of the University, employee groups, and two members-at-large,” says Marcela Ciampa, director, of organizational development and training.

Faculty and staff interested in joining the action group as a member-at-large are asked to complete the online interest form by Aug. 5. Interested individuals should meet the criteria outlined in the terms of reference:

  • Commitment to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Knowledge and understanding of employee engagement.
  • Knowledge and understanding of one or more of the drivers of engagement covered in the Employee Engagement Survey (i.e., professional development, communication, work-life balance, etc.)
  • Willingness to work collaboratively to enhance the workplace culture and the employee experience.
  • Availability to attend meetings at least twice a month during the period August to December 2022.

Read the terms of reference for the Employee Engagement Survey Action Group.