Erica Stevens Abbitt

Layale Bazzi, Alan Wildeman and Erica Stevens Abbitt.Layale Bazzi accepts a semester’s free tuition from UWindsor president Alan Wildeman and Erica Stevens Abbitt, director of the Humanities Research Group.

Physics student wins praise and prize for defense of humanities

Disciplines in the humanities provide a frame for her to understand the implications of her work in sciences, says Layale Bazzi. The second-year physics student took top honours in the “Why Humanities” competition for her impassioned defense of their importance.

“Day in and day out, I am differentiating, integrating, rearranging and solving equations that describe the physical world around us,” she wrote. “What I can’t tell you are the ethical implications. All I can provide are facts about nature, and not human nature.”

Lunch lecture to greet University Players matinee

A pair of University of Windsor professors will lead discussion of Jane Austen’s Emma during a combined lunch and lecture preceding the University Players performance on Sunday, February 5.

Let’s Talk Theatre is a luncheon-lecture series produced jointly by University Players and Uni-Com. Attendees will enjoy a three-course meal featuring either beef stroganoff or a vegetarian platter, as well as presentations by English professor Suzanne Matheson and drama professor Erica Stevens Abbitt.