Jillian Ciccone

HK students host Tri4Life to help put kids in sports

Fourth-year kinesiology student Pam Mailloux still plays hockey every Sunday night in a rec league in Lakeshore, and even if times get tough, her father still finds a way to cover the registration costs for her.

A tool and die maker who has experienced first-hand the ups and downs of the auto industry, he’s been supporting his daughter since she started playing both hockey and soccer when she was a little girl.

Tables turned on students promoting healthy eating

Ashley Kirby and Jillian Ciccone were pretty stoked about having a meal in the home of a celebrity chef – until they found out they were the ones doing the cooking.

Both masters’ students working under the direction of kinesiology professor Sarah Woodruff, the pair travelled earlier this summer to the St. Catharines home of Sandi Richard, a Food Network host and their academic supervisor’s collaborator.