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Bill AndersonBill Anderson looks out at the Detroit River, over which billions of dollars of agri-food products cross every year, according to a recent report commissioned by the research institute he directs.

Agri-food study finds cross-border efficiencies improving

Bill Anderson will appear on Research Matters on CJAM 99.1 FM this afternoon to discuss a new report that examines how the local agri-food industry has responded to challenges posed by shipping goods across the border.
Jimmy El-Turk and Adam AliJimmy El-Turk and Adam Ali are master's students in kinesiology and have explored the impact mixed martial arts are having on the community.

Mixed martial arts an untapped field for kinesiology researchers

While mixed martial arts have grown rapidly in North America, research on the sport is still lacking, leaving a great deal of uncharted territory for young academics like Jimmy El-Turk and Adam Ali to navigate.

Both master’s students in the university’s kinesiology department, El-Turk and Ali have conducted qualitative research on the legacy that hosting MMA events in Windsor will have on the community, the likelihood for the sport’s survival and the motivations of women who participate in the sport.

Communications technology helps immigrants adapt to Canada, recent grad finds

There’s often an expectation that when people move here from another nation they should immerse themselves in Canadian culture, but maintaining a close connection to their home country makes them better immigrants, according to a recent PhD graduate.

And modern communications technology is enabling that connection, says Frances Cachon who recently defended her thesis in Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminology and is working as a sessional instructor there.