MicroNano Mechatronic Lab

MicroNano Mechatronics Lab, established in 2016, is directed by Associate ProfessorĀ Dr. Jalal Ahamed at the University of Windsor. We are focused on exploring various innovative micro/nano fabrication methods with applications in motion, orientation, and biological sensing. The research group is innovating high-precision and ultra-sensitive micro/nano sensing and probing devices to reach and explore science at the very bottom of the length scale. We provide an optimal multi-disciplinary research incubator for nurturing future researchers and professionals to take leadership roles in the emerging field of micro/nano-systems.

Our research interests center on the design, fabrication, characterization, electronics, and controls development for high-performance 3D micro/nano systems. We develop and implement novel mechatronic principles to demonstrate classical applications in dynamic motion sensing as well as emergingĀ applications in biomolecular probing and sensing. The lab is located at CEI 1115.

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