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Liza wins best oral presentation at CMSC 2019!

Windsor engineering students Alexandra Rose and Liza DiCecco each won an award for best oral presentation at the 2019 Canadian Materials Science Conference.

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Lucas wins poster oral presentation award at ICMIM 2019 !!

Lucas Chauvin won the best oral presentation award at the 3rd International Conference of Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing in Incheaon, South Korea. The title of the talk was "Investigative Performance Analysis of Non–Oriented Electric Steel Materials with Optimum Grain Texture for High–Speed
Traction Motors".


Mehdi has attended the Seventh Conference on Recrystallization and Grain Growth that took place in Ghent (Belgium) 4-9th August 2019. He presented an oral presentation titled "The formation of the {100} crystal orientation in non-oriented electrical steel after inclined cold rolling and annealing"