Research Personal

Research Personnel:


  • Dr. Xueyuan Nie

Current Researchers:

Postdoctoral Fellow:

  • Dr. Joe Cheng
  • Dr. Xinwei Shen

Ph.D. Students:

  • Mr. JunFeng Su
  • Mr. Riyad Hussein
  • Ms. Hoda Eilliat
  • Ms. Sophia Y. Chen

Master’s Students:

  • Mr. Perry Z.J. Peng
  • Ms. Ting Ding

Co-op/Undergraduate Students

  • Mr. David Yu
  • Mr. Jonathan Hu (high school student)
  • Ms. Weiei Zhang (high school student)

Previous Graduate Students:

  • Peng Zhang (Ph.D.)
  • Linlin Wang (Ph.D.)
  • Ms. Yueyu Ma (Master’s)
  • Ms. Linlin Wang (Master’s)
  • Ms. Xia Li (Master’s)
  • Mr. Peng Zhang (Master’s)
  • Ms. Hua Xu (Master’s)
  • Mr. Jun Feng Su (Master's)
  • Mr. Qiang Zhang (Master's)
  • Ms. Yin Chen (Master's)
  • Mr. Jonathan Burns (Master's)

Previous PDF/Research Associate:

  • Dr. Zhijiang Wang (HIT)
  • Dr. Lihong Han (Chrysler)
  • Dr. Xin Hu (Zhijiang Normal University)

Co-op / Undergraduate Students:

  • Mr. Zhijing Peng
  • Mr. Jia’er Ni

Previous Senior Visiting Scholars:

  • Prof. Dr. Yuan Xia, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academia of Sciences