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Explore Windsor Part II

Royal Canadian Air Force planes at Jackson Park

Windsor is also known, among other things, for its many parks in and near the city. For example, there is Jackson Park at 125 Tecumseh Road East. You can go there by bus, on foot or by bike. In the park, you can see different flowerbeds that look really beautiful, especially in the season when they bloom. You can also find various sculptures and monuments and also practise various sports in the park.  There is a basketball court, five ball fields, rugby and soccer fields, and a cricket field.

Strawberry Fest LaSalle

LaSalle Strawberry Festival Entrance poster

From June 9 to June 12, 2022 the Strawberry Fest took place in LaSalle. LaSalle is a neighboring town of Windsor. Due to the festival, an extra bus service was created, which made it possible to get from downtown Windsor to Strawberry Fest. The entrance fee to the festival was $5.00. 

What to do in Windsor

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Here is some short information about Windsor. Windsor is located in southwestern Ontario and is therefore the southernmost city in Canada. The city is located on the Detroit River and is connected to Michigan, USA by the Ambassador Bridge and the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel (both of which are only for cars and busses). It is located in Essex County, but the City is independent of it. Also, it is the third largest city in southwestern Ontario with a population of approximately 229,660.  Because of its location, summers are long and often very hot and humid.