Literary Life

The department encourages and promotes an active student literary life.

We coordinate a prestigious annual visiting Writer-In-Residence program for individual consultations about writing, and that includes readings, lectures and workshops. Our Resident Writing Professional, journalist, publisher and author, Marty Gervais, publisher of Black Moss Press, one of the oldest literary presses in Canada, offers workshops, consultations, and advice on professional publishing and editing.

We host internationally recognized writers for special readings and discussions. 

Our programs invite active student involvement in many facets of the writing life, including public readings, publishing, editing, and organizing. Year-end undergraduate and graduate celebratory gala readings at which students from all creative writing classes read and launch chapbooks are but a few of the ongoing literary events organized throughout the academic year.

There are also ample opportunities for involvement in the larger community. For example, the department annually participates in BookFest Windsor which brings close to three dozen celebrated writers to Windsor each year, from Booker Prize nominees to first-time authors.

Susan Holbrook Reading