Lenore Langs

Sessional Faculty

B.Sc. (Assumption University), M.A. (Windsor)




Lenore Langs has a BSc in Biology from Assumption University and an MA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Windsor. She is a sessional instructor, teaching expository and creative writing.

Langs is a recipient of Windsor's Mayor's Award for Literary Excellence and the Arts Leadership Award for Literary Arts, presented by the Windsor Endowment for the Arts

She is active in the Windsor literary community and is a supporter of local writing groups, as well as being Chairperson of BookFest Windsor.

She is co-publisher, with Laurie Smith, of Cranberry Tree Press.

Her poems have appeared in such literary journals as CV2, Onionhead, Windsor Review, and Rattle. Together with her longtime poetry group, Langs published A Thousand Yellow Leaves (Cranberry Tree Press, 2004) and Tongues of Whitewashed Stone (Cranberry Tree Press, 2008).

The sometime Raging Granny is a member of the "Gaia Women of the Great Lakes Basin," women who sing a message of hope and healing for the planet.