Dr. Louis Cabri

Associate Professor

PhD (University of Pennsylvania), MA (University of Calgary), BA (Carleton University)

Contact                                    Dr. Louis Cabri

CHN Rm 2113
519 253 3000 ext. 2304

Teaching/Research Areas:

  • modern, postmodern, contemporary poetry/poetics in Canada and the USA
  • literary and critical theory
  • creative writing


Louis Cabri’s recent poetry chapbooks include — that can’t (Nomados). His poetry book The Mood Embosser(Coach House Books) was acclaimed as a 2003 Book of the Year by the Small Press Traffic Literary Arts Center (San Francisco). He is editor of a selected poems by Fred Wah (The False Laws of Narrative, Wilfrid Laurier UP) and with Peter Quartermain a special issue of critical essays on sound and poetry for ESC: English Studies in Canada(accompanying CD edited by Michael S. Hennessey). Louis’s areas of interest include poetry’s social address, poetic formal innovation, poetry in relation to theory, philosophy, linguistics, and art, twentieth-century US and Canadian poetry movements / moments / institutions, and the Canada-USA-France-USSR poetic intertext. His recent essays and papers consider work by Bruce Andrews, Peter Inman, Frank O’Hara, Catriona Strang, Fred Wah, Pound, and Zukofsky, poetry’s “social command” propounded by Osip Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky, and the literary nonce-word. Current projects include a study of Zukofsky and the Language Poets, a collection of essays on contemporary poetics, and anthologizing a poets-in-dialogue series he edited and curated (PhillyTalks, 1997-2001). Past projects include a double issue of open letters to/from poets for Open Letter: A Canadian Journal of Writing and Theory (with Nicole Markotić), and hole magazine and books (with Rob Manery). At the University of Windsor in spring 2011, he organized The Alphabet Symposium, an international symposium on Ron Silliman’s long poem, the Alphabet.

2012 "De (hors) l'institution" Que veut la littérature, aujourd'hui? 40e Rencontre québécoise internationale des écrivains, Montréal, 12-15 avril.

2011 "About Poetry." 6 problems for durruti free skool by Danielle LaFrance, Reg Johanson, Roger Farr, Aaron Vidaver, Patrick Morrison, Louis Cabri. Berkeley/Oakland 12-14 Aug. 2011.

Poems (Olive Group, Edmonton) [chapbook]

Translation of Jules Romains's “Poetry & Unanimous Feeling,” The Capilano Review 3.13 Manifestos Now! issue guest-edited by Brian Ganter

"Unanimism and the Crowd: Early Modern Social Lyric" University of Pennsylvania. 9 Nov. 2011, Jacket2.org

"'Let this put me another way': Centring Lines in Lissa Wolsak's Squeezed Light and in Other Poetry" The Poetic Front 4: 1

2010 Poetryworld (Capilano University Editions, North Vancouver)

Six Takes on Ken Bolton, Poetic Influence, and the New York School” JacketMagazine # 40

Poems” Jacket Magazine # 39 What Is Venice? (Wrinkle Press, Windsor) Drawing by Tim de Vries [single-poem chapbook]