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Bystander Workshops 2018-19

Bringing in the Bystander workshops 2018-2019

English Language, Literature and Creative Writing supports a safer university experience for everyone! Students are encouraged to attend the Bringing in the Bystander sexual assault prevention workshop. Participants will learn the importance of speaking out against social norms that support sexual assault and coercion, how to recognize and safely interrupt situations that could lead to sexual assault, and how to be an effective supporter to survivors.

First-year students who attend the workshop will receive $50 in UWin money, which can be used to buy food, books, or anything else on campus, and a Certificate of Completion. Students in FAHSS and Business will be contacted in early Fall 2018 with more information. Students in the remaining Faculties will be the focus of Winter 2019 recruitment.

Any first-year student can register in a workshop. Many workshop options will be available, from late September onwards.

To register for a workshop, log into MySuccess at
and choose a workshop in the Bystander Initiative calendar.

For more information, go to