Dual-Career Connection Program

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Dual-career spousal/partner issues relating to recruitment and retention are one of the major challenges confronting Canadian universities. While the University of Windsor does not have an official dual-career hiring policy, the Office of the Provost is pleased to assist new faculty and their spouses and partners whenever possible by directing them to an external staffing agency that works closely with the University.

The University’s Dual-Career Connection Program, offered by Logic Executive Search & Workplace Solutions, helps new faculty members’ partners to continue and advance their careers after relocating to Windsor. This program facilitates the job-search process through individual meetings with the experienced Logic Executive Search & Workplace Solutions staff. This professional team is equipped to assess employment skills and experience, deliver orientation to local area job resources and networks, offer support in developing an online employment presence through various social media, and maintain an ongoing dialogue through follow-up contact.

This assistance can begin long before arrival to Windsor. Please contact the Faculty Recruitment Coordinator with your spouse or partner's contact information and a description of their credentials and preferences. The Office of the Provost will promptly connect them with a representative from Logic Executive Search.

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For further information and assistance regarding the Dual-Career Connection Program, please contact:

Faculty Recruitment Coordinator, Office of the Provost

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