Aboriginal Education Centre

Turtle Island booth

Aboriginal Education Centre (Turtle Island)

The Aboriginal Education Centre - Turtle Island House opened in 1992 provides support and encouragement to the University of Windsor’s Aboriginal students. Located in the CAW Student Centre, Room 179, facilities and programs are available to meet the needs of Aboriginal students on campus. The Aboriginal Education Centre (AEC) facilitates student success by providing supports (academic, social, personal, and cultural, to guide and enrich the Aboriginal student experience to those who self-identify with Aboriginal identity and background. Services include:

  • facilitating communication between Aboriginal students, their funding agencies and home communities
  • providing advice to students on how to effectively navigate the university system
  • communicating information to increase Aboriginal student awareness of services and support on campus and making appropriate referrals to services and organizations both on and off campus
  • organizing and supporting social gatherings and activities, orientation activities, student gatherings and study groups
  • coordinating special projects and services
  • Aboriginal outreach programs and partnerships with local school boards, First Nation schools, university departments and faculty assisted projects
  • Full accessibility, welcoming, culturally safe,  positive and comfortable
  • We welcome students, visitors, and guests and interaction with the wider university community
  • We interact with various student service on campus
  • On location 2 administrative staff and work - stations for students
  • Computer and printing services, meeting space, and lounge area
  • A meeting area for social gatherings, study groups

The Aboriginal Education Centre is located in the CAW Student Centre, Room 179.

To contact the Aboriginal Education Centre: Victoria Hecnar, Ext. 3465.
Kat Pasquach, Ext. 3481.

For further information, consult the  Turtle Island website.

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