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FAHSS Research News

Upcoming internal funding opportunities

The following internal grant programs are offered through the Office of Research and Innovation Services:

SSHRC Exchange Grants (applications due February 10): to present research or creative activity at scholarly conferences or other dissemination venues.

Research Grants for Women (applications due March 15): for research or creative activity in any discipline leading to an external funding application, open to female researchers.

SSHRC Explore Grants (applications due March 15): for social science and humanities related research leading to an external funding application.

Tri-success Grants (applications due May 20): open to researchers who have received a favourable review in tri-council funding application and wish to improve and re-submit the application.

Detailed information and application forms are available on the ORIS website:

Additionally, there are two internal funding programs administered through the Dean’s office in FAHSS:
FAHSS Collaborative Research Grants (applications due April 30): support for existing and new groups of faculty who are engaging in on-going collaborations for the purpose of advancing a collaborative programme of research and research training.

FAHSS Research Grants (applications due March 15): for small independent projects that will lead to scholarly publication or professional presentation of creative work.
More details regarding these programs will be available early in the New Year.

FAHSS Research and Creative Activity Visibility Project

This fall we initiated a project designed to increase the visibility of FAHSS research and creative activity with the support of Mita Williams and her team in the Leddy library. The project aims to make our research and creative activity more available to scholars and students by taking full advantage of Leddy’s collection of digital tools. A working group with representation from each department is testing the efficacy of the tools; the group will report later in the spring.

SSHRC Working Group

Beginning in January, faculty thinking of applying for either a SSHRC Insight or Insight Development grant are invited to participate in a series of monthly sessions. Each session will address a different aspect of the application process and will feature a combination of guest presenters and shared ideas. The first session will take place on Friday, January 18 from 3-4:30pm in CHS-263. An email invitation will be sent in December.
Dr. Jennifer Willet, associate professor, director, INCUBATOR: Hybrid Laboratory at the intersection of Art Science and Ecology
Congratulations to FAHSS faculty who have recently received tri-council support for their research. Charlene Senn was awarded a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair for her work relating to sexual violence. Jennifer Willet was awarded a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Art, Science and Ecology for her work in BioArt. Willet is the director of Incubator, a laboratory in the SoCA Armouries building that uses biological materials in art, marrying art with science and technology.
Adrian Guta, Tanya Basok, Janice Waldron, Nazim Habibov and Jane Ku were principal or co-applicants on successful applications to SSHRC’s Insight or Insight Development Program. Jesse Ovedia, Miriam Wright, Betty Barrett, Amy Fitzgerald and Patti Fritz were principal or co-applicants on successful SSHRC Connections applications, and Cheryl Collier was a successful co-applicant on a SSHRC Partnership Engage grant. Adrian Guta and Sun Hyun Yun each received Planning and Dissemination Grants from the CIHR. Ben Kuo, Jill Singleton-Jackson, and Catherine Kwantes each received funding through the Erasmus+ programme to support international faculty exchanges.
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