Prof. Min Bae works with 4th year student in SoCA's film studio

Welcome to Film Production & Media Arts

What we do:

Cinema in the 21st century is at the forefront of moving image, sound and performance; it is the future of audiovisual storytelling and creative expression.

Housed in the School of Creative Arts, Film Production & Media Arts courses offer students a complex and compelling education in the craft and theory of filmmaking, sonic and time-based video art, alongside exciting courses in photography, sculpture, drawing, music, architecture and visual culture. Students have the opportunity to learn and grow in a vibrant and artistic inter-disciplinary environment that fosters experimentation, creativity and excellence

Who we are:

Film at the University of Windsor is about close-knit, hands-on learning. Students in Film specialize in the audiovisual in the areas of filmmaking, sonic art and time-based media, through technical and artistic approaches to moving images and sound. We focus on developing filmmakers, sound and image artists, in a collaborative environment, featuring a strong working relationship with professors across the disciplines of film, music and time-based art.