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Welcome to 'CrewUp'! SoCA's online collaboration page for film students. 

Looking for collaborators, crew, and/or performers? Fill out the form below and return to Kaitlyn Karns ( to be posted in the "Current Opportunities" section below. 

This site is provided as a free service to University of Windsor film students. It does not adjudicate applicants. Student producers must thoroughly vet all candidates. All films must strictly adhere to the Film Student Code of Conduct.

'CrewUp' Guidelines: 

  • CrewUp Submissions will only be accepted from current University of Windsor Students / Filmmakers.
  • All services and/or requests through CrewUp are assumed to be free. No money will be exchanged for skills and/or services. 
  • All CrewUp submissions must be related or in connection to a University of Windsor course (This is not a forum for outside, freelance work). 
  • Submissions must include the film title and key words in the file name (Example: MyFilm2023_Actors_Crew). 
  • Students across campus are welcome to apply for the opportunities listed below. Opportunities are not limited to film students only (Actors, Musicians etc.). All candidates must be vetted by the student producer(s). 

Current Opportunities: 

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Call for CREW members


Call for ACTORS

Film Title: Friend
Course Code: FILM-2100
Instructor Name: Mike Stasko
Project Producer: Xiaotong Li
Contact Information (Email and/or Phone Number):
Type (Genre/Mode): Short Film
Project Synopsis: It's a story of friendship and misunderstanding that focuses on how 2 girls from different backgrounds start with an unfortunate encounter(coffee spilled on notes), go through misunderstandings and communication barriers, and end up building a friendship.

Filming Duration: 2 Days

Actors Needed: Emilia (female) 18-25 & Missy (female) 18-25

Audition Details: Please contact the producer via email. 

Proposed Production Dates: March 22-30 Dates TBD based on crew and actors availability)
Location(s):  SoCA, Riverside Drive

Deadline: March 20, 2024



Film Title: Memories
Course Code: FILM-2100
Instructor Name: Mike Stasko
Project Producer: Louise Ouyang
Contact Information (Email and/or Phone Number):
Type (Genre/Mode): Short Film
Project Synopsis: Emma lost her wife, after this she spends every day in grief, she decides to pack up her home for a change of environment, the contents of the house reminds her of the previous time at times……

Filming Duration: 2 Days Max

Actors Needed: 2 Females

Audition Details: Please contact the producer via email. Please note, this film has no dialogue. 

Proposed Production Dates: March 24
Location(s):  SoCA, Riverside Drive W

Deadline: March 19, 2024




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