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Carry Forward Policy

COVID-19 Meal Plan Carry Forward Policy

Effective March 23rd, Food Services is implementing the departments meal plan carry forward policy for students who live in residence.

Meal Plan holders will be entitled to a prorated credit on their closing meal plan balance on April 21, 2020. We are anticipating the credit will be applied to your flex account by May 15th.

For students returning to residence for the Fall 2020 semester, your meal plan credit can be applied to the cost of your Fall 2020 meal plan instalment.

For those students not returning to the University for the Fall 2020 semester, we ask that you contact the UwinCARD Office after May 15th to discuss our refund policy.


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Food Services

Old Information-Meal Plan Carry Forward Policy 2019 - 2020

It is mandatory for all students who live in residence to purchase a meal plan each semester. Students with an account balance on their meal plan at the end of the first semester (Fall) will have their entire balance carried forward to the second semester (Winter).

Students on a Light, Full or Plus Plan with an account balance at the end of the second semester may be eligible to carry forward a portion of their account balance to the Fall 2019 semester. The Carry Forward Policy applies only to unspent money in a student's Flex plan.

Only those students who are registered for the Fall 2019 semester will qualify for the Carry Forward Policy. Students not returning to the University for the Fall 2019 semester will forfeit all funds left in their account at the end of the Winter 2019 semester. Please note that funds left on a student's meal plan account are non-transferrable and cannot be used to pay any other fees owed by the student to the University.

Maximum Carry Forward Eligibility at the end of 2nd semester (Flex Plan only)

  • Minimum - $0
  • Light - $300
  • Full - $500
  • Plus - $700

The Carry Forward Policy does not apply to unspent funds in a student's Basic Account