Research Opportunities for Faculty Members

UWT-SEG Exchange-Travel Grant

There are so many ways for UWindsor to engage with the global academic community. It is critically important to research to be able to disseminate results with colleagues around the world. The University of Windsor’s Office of Research and Information Services offers a travel grant for researchers to attend conferences to disseminate their research results. Eligible expenses include flights, accommodations, and meals during your academic travel. Find out if your academic travel is eligible for a UWT-SEG award! These awards may also fund Knowledge Mobilization activities.

Faculty Mobility Programs

Traveling abroad to work with international researchers can expand institutional collaborations and strengthen your research and help you reach new students and colleagues. The Government of Canada offers a Faculty Mobility Program that can help you travel to partner institutions across Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Awards are also available to help international Faculty come to Canada. If you are interested in coming to UWindsor as an instructor or researcher, please look up the opportunities that are available to academics in your country.

Many other nations and organizations offer mobility programs, such as the Shastri Mobility Program, which is managed by the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute. In many cases, Universities must be a partner or member organization for Faculty to be eligible.


If you would like to apply to a faculty mobility program, please contact your Research Coordinator at the Office of Research and Innovation Services.

Check the EduCanada website for information about Scholarships for Canadian faculty members and researchers to study abroad.