Fall term resources for graduate students

Fall term 2021

Refer to the ask.uwindsor.ca for all Fall term 2021 info articles.

FAQs for instructors and students are available on the COVID-19 website: www.uwindsor.ca/coronavirus/303/coronavirus-faq

Review the Fall term 2021 important dates for graduate students.

Summer term 2021 

Refer to the ask.uwindsor.ca for all Summer term 2021 info articles.

Review the Summer term 2021 important dates for graduate students.

Prospective Students

Online learning resources

Resources for online learning are posted at: http://learn.uwindsor.ca/uwin-online

A variety of learnign and teaching resources are available from the CTL website: http://cleo.uwindsor.ca/workshops/ctl/52/ 

General Help

Please contact the graduate support staff or graduate coordinator for your program. They will be identified on the program homepage.

The physical office in Chrysler Hall tower is not currently open. Our staff however are working remotely. You may reach us for all inquiries at the Faculty of Graduate Studies contacts.

Transcripts are due before the end of your first term of registration. Please consult your offer letter. Digital transcripts can be sent to transcripts@uwindsor.ca

Graduate/Teaching Assistants

Some Graduate/Teaching Assistants may be required to be on campus to support class activities (e.g., lab demonstration). Graduate/ Teaching Assistantships that involve face-to-face responsibilities will be identified accordingly in position postings.

Assistants in online courses can have a number of roles in supporting the course, just as they can in on-campus courses including marking some of the assessments, answering questions, running tutorials and office hours. Your instructor will set the specific tasks your GAs or TAs will undertake in the course.

If you already have a study or work permit and a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) you are eligible to apply for postings for which you are qualified. If your SIN has expired please contact Human Resources directly at hr@uwindsor.ca