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If you are a new student employee of the University, or if it has been more than one year since your last contract with the University of Windsor, please see “For Students: New Hire Forms”.  This is where you will locate the legal documents which you must submit to Human Resources that permit you to commence employment at the University of Windsor once approved.

For frequently asked questions about student appointments, please select one of the boxes below:


Forms For Staff/Faculty: Hiring a Student

The University is committed to providing opportunities for students to obtain paid employment and experiences within the University community. The recruitment and hiring of students is the responsibility of the Department Head and/or the faculty/principal researcher in the case of students hired under a faculty member’s grant. The types of student appointments available to students and corresponding forms processed by Human Resources are noted below:

There are four different types of appointments for research-based work at the University of Windsor for students:

To access the above forms, please visit the heading “Forms” on the following page:

To determine which of the above appointments is best suited for your needs, please visit:

Please note the above link is only for active students. Individuals wishing to hire non-students in a research capacity should visit:

UWindsor’s Work Study Program has been rebranded as Ignite and will be facilitated as an experiential learning opportunity. The changes made to the program aim to provide participants with expanded opportunities to build skills relevant to their career development.

For information on the Ignite Program, including student eligibility, and to access the form, please visit:

The timecards used to submit the hours of these students is located at:

If you are looking to hire a student in another capacity that does not fall within any of the other categories listed, please complete the Authorization to Hire a Student form. This form is located under “Forms” on the following link:

The timecard submission forms for these appointments are available at the following link:

The employment of Graduate Teaching Assistants and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants is facilitated by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. After a contract is submitted and approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies, it is forwarded to Human Resources to be matched with the student hire package, reviewed and processed (if hiring package is complete). Please note that the student cannot begin working until the new hire package has been submitted and approved by Human Resources.

For more information about GAs and TAs, please refer to the information on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

The Outstanding Scholars program offers paid research opportunities to undergraduate students in every major on campus. Unlike Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, and Research Assistants, Outstanding Scholars provide faculty with an opportunity to secure meaningful research assistance without affecting their departmental budget.

For more information on Outstanding Scholars, please visit:

Please note:

  • Student employment is intended to be temporary and/or casual. It is not intended to replace work being carried out by permanent full-time/part-time employees. 
  • In accordance with the Government of Canada International Student Program regulations, international students are permitted to work on campus as long as they are enrolled full-time at the University in addition to submitting the required documentation listed in the chart under the student hiring package.
  • Students are permitted to have multiple appointments on campus as long as the aggregate hours worked each week do not exceed twenty-four (24) hours. For graduate students including members of CUPE 4580, the aggregate allowable number of hours of paid university-related employment is 240 hours per academic term (Fall, Winter, Summer).

Student employees (new to employment at the University, and those who have not worked within the past year) must complete all the legally required documents below and submit the package in its entirety to upon signing their employment contract. The student cannot commence their work duties until this package has been submitted, reviewed to determine that all requirements have been met and has been approved by Human Resources.

Forms For Students: New Hire Package

Congratulations on your employment with the University of Windsor! We are excited to have you as part of our campus team focused on enabling people to make a better world through education, scholarship, research, and engagement.

The following legally required documents must be submitted to upon signing your employment contract if this is your first employment contract with the University of Windsor, or if it has been more than one year since your last employment contract. Students are not permitted to begin their work duties until all documents in the new hire package have been submitted and reviewed by Human Resources to determine that all legal requirements have been met.  These forms are also available as hard copies at HR Reception (Chrysler Hall Tower – 5th floor).

For International Students: In accordance with IRCC regulations, you must be in Canada with a valid study permit, a valid social insurance number (SIN) and registered in full-time studies to accept employment on campus. If you have worked for the University of Windsor within the last year, please ensure that your legal documentation is still valid. If not, please provide with a copy of your renewed documents prior to commencing work.
Documents Required Domestic Students International Students in Canada
New Student Employee - Personal Information Required Required
Personal Tax Credits Form TD1 (Federal) Required Required
Ontario Personal Tax Credits Form TD1ON (Provincial) Required Required
Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits with 1) Void cheque or direct deposit form from your financial institution OR 2) Request that your financial institution complete the bank information section on the Authorization Agreement Form with signature/stamp Required Required
Social Insurance Number (SIN) Document or Proof of SIN Required - Example: SIN Card or Service Canada SIN Confirmation Letter Required - Example: Service Canada SIN Confirmation Letter
Personal Identification Documentation Required - Copy of Government Issued Identification. Example: Birth Certificate or Passport Required - Copy of Passport
Copy of Study Permit or Employment Authorization Not Applicable Required

For international students, once you arrive in Canada, you must provide your social insurance number (SIN) and official study permit. Additionally, you will need to open a Canadian bank account and provide the authorization agreement for automatic deposits form (along with a void cheque, bank verification signature/stamp, or direct deposit slip from your bank) to

The University of Windsor provides accommodation in accordance with applicable laws through all stages of the hiring and onboarding process. If you require accommodation, please contact Human Resources at Please note that Human Resources is not able to advise on the completion of the TD1, and TD1ON tax forms.

The University of Windsor is committed to equity in its policies, practices, and programs. We support diversity in our teaching, learning, and work environments, and ensure applications from members of underrepresented groups are seriously considered. All qualified individuals who would contribute to the further diversification of our University community are encouraged to apply.

Required Employee Training & Employee Number:
For first time employees, your employee number will be sent to you by email once your contract is approved by Human Resources. You must complete the required training using this employee number within one week of its receipt.
Required training is available here: Compulsory Training Requirements Upon Hire 
Other important information:
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