Graduate Application Instructions

grad application portal updateIn preparation for the launch of our new Graduate Admissions System, the Graduate Application Portal will be closing on April 20, 2024. This will allow applicants time to pay the application fee and submit the application before our current electronic Graduate Admissions System (eGAS) is retired and a new system will replace it.  


Step 1 - You have until April 20, 2024, to pay your application fee and submit your application.  

Step 2 - You have until April 27, 2024, to update your application in the Graduation Admission System (eGAS). If you do not, you will have to wait until May 6 to update files for your application or complete items on your To Do list in UWinsite Student.   

Any incomplete applications will be available in iApply/Applicant portal on May 14. 


You have until April 27, 2024, to complete your submitted and paid applications in our existing Graduate Admissions System (eGas). If you do not, you will have to wait until May 6 to update files for your application or complete items on your To Do list in UWinsite Student. 

Applications to our research-based programs normally open a year in advance of the start date, e.g., applications for Fall 2024 will open in early September 2023.

  1. If you are a new graduate applicant to the University of Windsor, you will be required to create an account on the application website. NOTE: Current or former UWindsor students must also create an application website account as well - your UWin ID and password will not work.

  2. Upon successful creation of the account, you will be directed to the Application Start page:

application start homepage

3. Complete all required information under each section:

personal information icon

  • Complete Name and Biographical Information sections
  • Under Previous Attendance
    • Choose “yes” if you ever attended the University of Windsor, even if you withdrew or did not complete a degree or certificate
  • Citizenship
    • Are you a Canadian citizen? – if you answer “no” you must populate your status in Canada and your country of citizenship
    • Date of Entry into Canada – leave blank and click continue if your citizenship is Canadian

contact information icon

  • Complete Address, Phone and Email

education history icon

Begin by clicking on “Add Institution” button

  • Select Country (required)
  • Select State and/or Province (required)
  • Type in City name (optional)
  • Type in Institution Name contains (optional) and hit Search
  • Select Institution Name
  • Complete dates attended, graduation, and name of degree
  • Repeat this for each Post-secondary institution attended

program selection icon

Choose the Admit term using the drop-down menu

  • Click on the Search for Program bar
  • You can search by discipline (e.g., Engineering), program name (e.g., MASc).  If you are unclear, consult the program listing on the Graduate Studies website
  • From the list of programs displayed select the chosen program
  • Referee Information (if applicable)
  • Complete the fields for each referee

agent information icon

  • Complete all fields (if applicable)

review and submit icon


  • Click on the Pay Application Fee bar and complete payment
  • You will receive a receipt of purchase, and will be given the option to email a copy of the receipt to yourself
  • Click continue to move on to Review and Submit
  • Review the Notice of Disclosure, Confidentiality and Use of Personal Information
  •  Check the box acknowledging the information provided in the application is correct

Submit Application

  • Click the Submit Application bar
  • Any fields that need to be completed will be displayed and you will need to complete them prior to submitting. Click on the caution to complete each item
  • Navigate the application using the navigation tiles