A graduate poses with his parents at Convocation

Graduation and Convocation FAQ's

Have questions about your upcoming University of Windsor graduation? Find answers here to ensure a smooth and memorable convocation experience.

Yes. If you have completed all the academic requirements of your program, and have completed the Application to Graduate process in UWinsite Student you will graduate.

See the following link, for information on how to Apply to Graduate, and further instructions in the following ask.UWindsor article.

Yes. All students who will have completed their degree requirements by the end of the Summer term for Fall Convocation and by the end of Summer term for Spring Convocation, must apply to graduate whether or not you plan on participating in your Convocation ceremony.

For specific deadlines pertinent to the current Convocation, please see Applying to Graduate.

To Apply to Graduate, please log on to UWinsite Student.

After you have applied to graduate, it is recommended that you check your graduation eligibility status in UWinsite Student regularly, as applications are being evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Note: Your graduation eligibility status will be "Approved" or "Conditionally Eligible" if you have been deemed eligible to graduate.


  • "Approved" indicates you are approved to graduate
  • "Conditionally Eligible" indicates you are conditionally eligible to graduate based on the successful completion of your courses.

Parchments, the legal document embossed with the University seal and the Graduate's name and degree, will be couriered after the degrees have been conferred.

See the Securing Your Diploma web page for details on receiving the parchment.

If you have selected to have your parchment mailed, your mailing address on UWinsite Student will be the default shipping address. Please note that couriers cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes. You have until May 1 for Spring Convocation and September 1 for Fall Convocation to update your mailing address on your UWinsite Student profile for the purpose of shipping your diploma.

To update your address in UWinsite Student, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Student Homepage, click the Profile tile.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click Addresses.
  3. Change your Home Address (permanent address) and/or your Mailing Address (address while attending UWindsor).
    NOTE: If you are living in Residence at UWindsor, your Residence address will be pre-populated and cannot be updated by you in UWinsite Student. Follow this link for information on Residence Mailing Addresses.

See the following ask.UWindsor article for steps on how to set up your student profile.

Diplomas will be printed and distributed following approval of degrees at the University Senate meeting which takes place in late May for Fall Convocation and late September for Fall Convocation . The student can request an academic verification letter which will state that they have successfully completed their degree requirements and the date of Convocation.

See the following ask.UWindsor article for instructions on requesting a Graduation Eligibility Letter.

The student can request an Academic verification letter which will state that they have successfully completed their degree requirements and that Convocation takes place at our Spring / Fall ceremonies where the degrees will be conferred and distributed. See Registrarial Service Fees for the cost of this letter (Miscellaneous Letters).


Early Release of degree: The University will only release degrees early for employment reasons.

The following criteria must be in place:

  • A formal copy of your job offer from the employer has been submitted to shari@uwindsor.ca
  • Student has applied to graduate
  • All final grades must be posted
  • Early release fees have been deposited into the student account. See the following link for payment options.
  • All outstanding debt has been paid up on the student account

Please consult the Registrarial Service Fees web page for the fees associated with this service. Note that there are additional Postal charges to ship within Canada or International. Payment can be made using on-line banking. You will need to add the University of Windsor as the payee and your student ID# will be the account number.

The date that will appear on your diploma will be the date of the ceremony. This same conferred date will appear on your transcript.

You can order a transcript through UWinsite Student. The updated transcript with the conferred date will be available following the conclusion of Convocation.

Please see the ask.UWindsor article for information on requesting a transcript.

How will my name appear on my diploma/certificate? How can I change it?

Double Major: Which Ceremony?

Your diploma/certificate parchment will display your full legal name, as show on your primary name in UWinsite Student. To make changes to your official name, you must request the change by emailing the Convocation Coordinator at shari@uwindsor.ca along with a scanned copy of the appropriate supporting documentation (ie. birth certificate, passport).

The following deadlines apply for your correct name to appear on your diploma/certificate and in the Convocation program:

Name Change Deadlines
Convocation Request Must be Received by
Spring May 1st
Fall September 15


If you send your request after the deadline date, you will have to order and pay for a replacement diploma.

Students who are graduating with a double major will be included in the ceremony of their first major. Concurrent Education students are usually included the Education ceremony. If you wish to change this, please email the Convocation Coordinator at shari@uwindsor.ca and advise her of your choice.