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Teal Gove

Teal Gove
Current Position: Coordinator, Membership Development at Hockey Canada

Industry: Sport Management

Graduation Year: 2018

Program: MHK Internship- Games at Canadian Olympic Committee

Advisor: Dr. Jess Dixon

“I chose the MHK program at the University of Windsor to help me reach my goal of a career in sport management. My courses provided me with a diverse background in all aspects of the sport management field. The knowledge I learned in my classes combined with the work I completed for my internship, ensured that I was well-prepared for both the application process and the start of my sport management career with Hockey Canada. Having the opportunity to get involved in so many different projects during my time in the Human Kinetics Department was the best preparation for my current role. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the Lancers Athletics Department as the Marketing and Promotions Assistant where I gained invaluable work experience, made great friends, and confirmed my passion for sport management. Volunteering with Leadership Advancement for Women and Sport (LAWS) further fueled my passion for gender equity in sport and is an asset to me in my current position as I coordinate events across Canada to increase female hockey participation. While my internship at the Canadian Olympic Committee allowed me to gain the practical experience I needed in the sport management industry. From coordinating group projects with a full course load, I was not only able to improve on my ability to prioritize different tasks, but I also learned to manage varying deadlines from multiple groups. Currently, as the Coordinator, Membership Development at Hockey Canada, I support six different individuals on a regular basis and I am often working on multiple tasks. I know that my experience in HK was critical for my ability to now manage such a heavy workload with deadlines from multiple individuals.”

“I would recommend to current students to get involved in as much as possible! When I look back on my university experience from my undergrad through my two Masters degrees, it is the extracurricular and volunteer experiences that best prepared me for the professional world. My biggest advice to students about the enter the professional world is; if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. As urgent as it may seem to find a job immediately after graduating, I think it is more important to ask yourself what you are truly passionate about. Take the time to make a list of organizations that you could see yourself joining and then complete an informational interview with at least one person from each organization. LinkedIn is a great way to arrange a phone call. Completing these interviews will help you to not only better understand the work that each organization does, but may also expose you to positions that you did not previously know existed.”