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Sara Kella

Sara Kella
BHK- Sport Management ‘14

Current Position: Fundraising & Community Outreach Coordinator, MS Society of Canada

“I really enjoyed the particular classes I took in HK, such as Sport Law and Sport Development. One of the classes I learned the most from was Human Resources in Sport Organizations with Dr. Jess Dixon. Dixon's class really prepared me to interview extremely well, as well as adapt my resume to fit the role I'm applying for. Most, if not all, of the sport organization-focused classes I took prepared me to work in any professional setting, whether or not I worked in the sports sector. In my senior years, I really loved developing better relationships with my professors. I still keep in touch with some of them to this day.”

“Networking prepared me tremendously for my current role. I worked in the service industry for over eight years and I never threw away one business card I was handed - especially after moving to the GTA. Keeping these cards allowed me to do many things, from finding the chiropractor I now use, to being offered career opportunities, to developing such great relationships with the people I met through work”

“Looking back at my time in HK, I would probably get more involved with the HK faculty; I literally went to class, went home - rinse and repeat. I would definitely spend more time studying, getting to know my professors, and taking my first year more seriously! I think people take for granted how easy it is to develop valuable relationships with their profs; it doesn't seem worthwhile at first, but I wish I would have done it sooner.”

“I would recommend to current students to apply for everything and never turn down an opportunity without really considering it. You never know what you'll learn to help you land your dream job. I went into HK with the mindset that I was going to be a football agent. Then, after getting into coaching, my ‘tunnel vision’ started to shift to helping more people in many ways, not just as a sports agent. My first job after finishing my degree was at a non-profit in the chemical industry. It wasn't ideal for me, but I was an event planner and developed a program for teachers to use for free to help teach chemistry. I was there for almost three years because not only was I gaining incredibly valuable experience working there, I was making a difference which I quickly realized, matters to me. I knew that I had to work in the charity/non-profit sector from there on in. I now work for a wonderful charity and make a difference every single day. But I wouldn't have been able to if I didn't say "yes" to a job in the chemical industry first. Look passed the job titles and the company; you won't be the personal trainer for the Leafs right away. Be patient, keep networking, and one day, you'll get there!”