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Alyson Crozier

Alyson Crozier

Undergraduate: BHK- Movement Science ‘09

Graduate: MHK- Applied Human Performance ‘11

Thesis & Advisor: Athlete Leadership & Leadership Behaviors- Dr. Todd Loughead

Industry: Teaching and Research

Current Position: Lecturer in Human Movement: Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of South Australia

“I thought I wanted to be a high school physical education teacher (like many students), but was unsure of the possibility of getting a job with an Education degree. The Kinesiology program at UWindsor allowed me the opportunity to take a variety of different courses to determine where my passion lay for a future career. Ultimately, having the opportunity to conduct research with Dr. Loughead in my 3rd and 4th year made me realize my passion for the area, and pursue a career in that direction. I decided to continue my education at Windsor for my Masters as it seemed like a natural fit to continue working with Dr. Loughead; we worked well together and our interests aligned.”

“The independence you get in your Master’s took some time to get adjust to, although, I enjoyed the flexibility of the working hours and the comradery of the other graduate students. In fact, some of my current best friends I met during my Master’s program! Once I was in my Master’s, I was also able to get to know all the professors, and I regret not approaching them for help more often during in my undergraduate degree. In regard to why I pursued a research career, well, I love getting answers to questions that have not been examined in a sport or exercise setting. What drives me is my passion for learning something new, and finding answers to questions that I have.”

“When discussing with my friends who also enrolled in Kinesiology at other universities, the one difference that Windsor stands out for me is the friendliness of the staff. It’s not often you get staff jumping onto tables in your first Anatomy lecture, or have faculty members competing with you in a charity fundraiser. I loved how the incoming cohort of students took the same courses in the first two-years and the variety and flexibility of the program. Looking back, I wish I joined HK Society earlier. I didn’t join until my 4th year, and it was a great way to meet students and get involved. In addition, Windsor is an amazing location for accessing world-class sporting experiences, and I miss that!! I went to a lot of Red Wings games, but I didn’t go to enough Tigers games, and never made a Lions game. I would recommend to current students in HK to take advantage of the location.”

“My advice to fourth year students: do not stress about what you are going to do right after you graduate. Whether you go on to more education or get a job, it’s not going to be the last thing you do. You will have many options in the future, and your Bachelor’s degree has set you up for grand things. Take opportunities as they come, and don’t look back!”