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Jeremy Hick

Jeremy Hick Photo

Hometown: Strathroy, ON

Major: Sport Management

Current Job Position: Coordinator, Education at Swimming Canada

Previous Position: Intern, Education, Youth and Community Outreach

Teams & Activities: Varsity Track & Field, Cross Country, Co-President of the Lancer Student Athlete Committee

Industry: Sport Management

Awards: A-Award- through the Department of Kinesiology for involvement in the referendum

  “My time with the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) was incredible. Leading into an Olympic year, the office was extremely busy which prepared me for a fast-pace work environment and kept me very motivated at the same time. The various projects I worked on while at the COC helped me build confidence to head into new experiences. However, I believe that the most important part of my time there was the connections I made with my co-workers. Everyone was working towards the same common goal as a team which made it a phenomenal work environment.”

  “I chose Human Kinetics at Windsor because growing up I was always passionate about sports, and dreamed of one day working in the industry. Once I arrived and started classes, I realized the potential to achieve my dreams, and never looked back. My only regret would be not believing in myself and my ability to succeed in my earlier years. If I had the same mindset that I do now in my first year, I would be even further ahead than I am now. My recommendations for current students is to go get experience, and make connections! Volunteer for events, connect with people on LinkedIn, and never be afraid to apply for a job, even if you don't think you're qualified. Building your resume and your network will only help you later on!”