Graduate Courses

All courses listed will not necessarily be offered in any given term. All courses are three hours a week unless otherwise noted.

KINE 8000. Sport Leadership
A survey course using the current research and literature relating to leadership in administrative environments. Several leadership theories will be reviewed and analyzed. Various models of leadership will be discussed relative to the sport administration environments.

KINE 8010. Legal and Human Rights Issues in Sport Management
An analysis of the research and professional practice related to the role of legislation and litigation as they relate to sport and physical activity programs and services and participation. Specific emphasis will be placed on the issue of human rights, covering topics including legislation and case study analyses from the sport management domain.

KINE 8020. Organizational Behaviour in Sport
An analysis of the interdependent nature of the social/psychological components of organizational behaviour. Special reference will be made to individual and group behaviour in terms of the organizational effectiveness of sport organizations.

KINE 8030. Sport Marketing
An analysis of the research and literature related to the marketing of sport and physical activity programs and services. Specific emphasis will be placed on the review and application of sport marketing research, an overview and application of the related marketing terms and the development of a marketing plan for a sport organization.

KINE 8050. Social Issues in Sport Management
Sport managers operate within a social world. This course examines current social issues and their implications for sport managers. Issues include the impact of various institutions on sport management (e.g., sport, government, economics, media, education), as well as the relationship between sport management and various power relations in society (e.g. race, gender, class, age, and physical ability).

KINE 8060. Crises, Politics and Commercialism in the Modern Olympic Movement
This course focuses on two dimensions: (1) the study of three persistent problems and issues surrounding the history of the Modern Olympic Movement (crises, politics, commercialism), and (2) individual independent research on a course-related topic for which the greater amount of evidence exists in primary documents housed in various regional archives.

KINE 8080.- Strategic Management in the Sport Industry
This course integrates and applies academic work studied throughout the graduate Sport Management curriculum. More specifically, it is concerned with the work of the general manager who is responsible for the overall success of the organization. Emphasis will be placed on developing skills for diagnosing and critically analysing complex problems occurring at the organizational level, as well as proposing and implementing realistic solutions to such problems within sport organizations.

KINE 8100. Special Problems
Independent study conducted under the advisement of a graduate faculty member. This course cannot be used as a review of literature for thesis. (Prerequisite: consent of program committee.)

KINE 8620. Research Methods
A review and appraisal of qualitative and quantitative research methods with special reference to design, data collection, analysis and generalization.

KINE 8940. Selected Topics
Topics developed by individual faculty members, based on new developments in a particular area of study. (Subject to Kinesiology Council approval.)

KINE 8950. Internship
(See Graduate Internship Handbook.)

KINE 8970. Thesis