Richard Moon, Professor of Law

Publications & Cases


Books edited

  • Religion and the Exercise Public Authority (co-edited with B. Berger) (Hart, 2016).
  • Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada (ed) (UBC Press, 2008).
  • The Constitutional Law Group (ed), Canadian Constitutional Law (3rd/4th/5th editions.) (Emond Montgomery: Toronto, 2003/2010/2016). (Responsibility for the chapters “Framework of the Charter”, “Freedom of Expression”, and “Freedom of Religion”.)

Chapters in Books 

  • “The Regulation of Blasphemy and Religious Insult in Canada” in Andras Koltay and Jeroen Temperman eds., Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression after the Charlie Hebdo Massacre (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming  September, 2016).

  • “The Requirement of Religious Neutrality: Civic Action and Institutional Autonomy” in B. Bussey and I. Benson, The Public and Private Place of Religion (Brill, forthcoming 2017).

  • "Conscientious Objections by Civil Servants: The Case of Marriage Commissioners and Same Sex Civil Marriages" In B. Berger and R. Moon, Religion and the Exercise Public Authority (Hart, 2016).

  • “The Limits of Religious Equality” in Alvin Carling (ed.) The Social Equality of Religion or Belief (Palgrave MacMillan, forthcoming 2016).

  • “Law and Religion in Canada”, Cole Durham and Gerhard Robbers (eds.)  Encyclopaedia of Law and Religion (Brill, 2014) (forthcoming) (co-authored with H. MacIvor).       

  • "Campus demonstrations and the case of Israel Apartheid Week" in James Turk (ed.) The Limits of Academic Freedom (Lorimer, 2013). 

  • "Freedom of Conscience and Religion - s.2(a)", S. Beaulac and E. Mendes (eds.), The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Lexis-Nexis, 2013).

  • “The Hate Speech Diversion” in L. Lamarche, S. Day and  K. Norman,  14 Arguments in Favour of Human Rights Institutions (Irwin Law, 2013).

  • “The Constitutional Protection of Religious Practices in Canada” in Eileen Barker and David Kirkham (eds.) State Responses to Religious Minorities (Ashgate, 2013).

  • "Christianity, Multiculturalism, and National Identity:  A Canadian Comment on Lautsi and Others v. Italy”, in Jeroen Temperman  (ed.) The Lautsi Papers: Multidisciplinary Reflections on Religious Symbols in the Public School Classroom (BRILL/Martinus Nijhoff, 2013).

  • “The Canadian Human Rights Act and the Regulation of Hate Speech” in Leslie Jacobs et al. (ed.) Balancing Rights, (Irwin Law, 2012).

  • "The Supreme Court of Canada’s Attempt to Reconcile Freedom of Religion and Sexual Orientation Equality in the Public Schools”,  in D. Rayside and C. Wilcox (eds), Faith, Politics and Sexual Diversity, (UBC Press, 2011).  

  • "Government Support for Religious Practice" in R. Moon (ed.) Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada (ed) (UBC Press, 2008).
  • “From Liberty to Equal Respect: Religious Freedom under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom” in M. Habibi et al. eds. Theoretical Foundations of Human Rights (Mofid University Publications, Qom Iran: 2004).
  • “Keeping the Streets Safe from Free Expression” in J. Hermer and J. Mosher, Legislating Safe Streets: The `New Vagrancy’ (Fernwood: Halifax, 2002) pp.65-78.
  • "The Regulation of Hate Promotion" in R. Cohen-Almagor ed., Liberal Democracy and the Limits of Tolerance (University of Michigan Press: Ann Arbor, 2000) pp. 182-199.

Articles and Comments

  • “Limits on Rights: The Marginal Role of Proportionality Analysis”, Israel Law Review (forthcoming 2017).

  • "Neutrality and Prayers: Mouvement laique v. Saguenay", 4  Oxford Journal of Law and Religion (2015).

  • "The Accreditation of Trinity Western University's Law School", Law Matters, Summer 2015 (

  • "Religious Accommodation and Its Limits:  The Recent Controversy at York University", 23 Constitutional Forum 9-15 (2014). 
  • “Accommodation and Compromise: Why freedom of religion issues cannot be resolved through balancing”, 9:3 Canadian Diversity 40-43 (2012).

  • "Freedom of Religion in the Canadian Courts: The Limits of State Neutrality", 45 UBC Law Journal 497-549 (2012).
  • "Accommodation without Compromise: Alberta v. Wilson Colony", 51 Supreme Court Law Review 95 -130(2010).
  • “The Regulation of Hate Speech under the Canadian Human Rights Act” 8:3 Canadian Diversity 28-32 (2010).

  • The Attack on Human Rights Commissions and the Decline of Public Discourse", 73 Saskatchewan Law Review 93-129 (2010) (Shorter versions of the paper are reproduced at the National Post website and at and in Leslie Jacobs et al. (ed.) Balancing Rights, (Irwin Law, 2012), D. Shapiro ed. Deal with it!: Free Speech, Ethics and the Law in Canada (Sheldon Chumir Foundation, 2012) and “The Decline of Public Discourse: The Attack on Human Rights Commissions” 8:3 Canadian Diversity  49-53 (2010). 
  •  “The Social Character of Freedom of Expression” 2(1) Amsterdam Law Forum 43-47 (2009).

  • "Bruker v. Marcovitz: Divorce and the Marriage of Law and Religion" 42 Supreme Court Law Review 38-62 (2008).
  • “The Charter at 25: The Complaint of Judicial Activism”, 3:1Windsor Law Now 10 (2007).

  • “Religious Commitment and Identity: Syndicat Northcrest v. Amselem” 29 Supreme Court Law Review 201-220 (2005).
  • “Sexual Orientation Equality and Religious Freedom in the Public Schools: A Comment on Trinity Western University v. The B.C. College of Teachers and Chamberlain v. Surrey School District No. 36, 8 Review of Constitutional Studies 228-284 (2004).
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  • "Drawing Lines in a Culture of Prejudice: R. v.Keegstra and the Restriction of Hate Propaganda" 26 University of British Columbia Law Review pp. 99-143 (1992).
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  • "The Scope of Freedom of Expression" 23 Osgoode Hall Law Journal pp.331 - 365 (1985).


  • Editor-in-Chief, Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice, 1996-1999; Board member, 1987-88 and 1994-5.
  •  Organizer of a symposium to honour the life and work of colleague Rose Voyvodic, October 2008. The papers were published in a special volume of the Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice- volume 27 (2009).

 Government Reports

  • "Report to the Canadian Human Rights Commission Concerning Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Regulation of Hate Speech on the Internet" , Oct. 2008.