Nursing students Regina Yuen & Colleen Broaderip recognized by Connecting4Success mentoring program

April 2, 2014 - Congratulations to BScN students Regina Yuen (year 1) and Colleen Broaderip (year 4), who were recognized at the Connecting4Success (C4S) End of the Year Celebration on Saturday, March 29/14.

C4S is the first generation mentoring program run through Student Affairs. Regina Yuen was recognized as mentee of the year for taking full advantage of her experience with C4S.  Her mentor, Colleen Broaderip, was recognized with the Making A Difference Award.

This is what Regina said in her nomination about Colleen:

"Colleen has done more than just 'make a difference' in  my first year of university. From our first meeting, she's encouraged me to make my university experience the building block to my dreams. In a challenging program like Nursing, it is very difficult to get adjusted from high school. Not to mention the stress of not only midterms and finals, but a practical skills test called the OSCE that nursing students have to complete. When needed, she has always given up her own time to come on campus and advised me on how to to the best as well as how to utilize university resources such as the STEPS program to overcome my academic challenges.

Colleen has been greatly supportive of both my academics and extra-curricular activities. As the Fourth Year Representative of the Nursing Society, she encouraged me to run for the position of First Year Representative when I was unsure.To my surprise, I was elected out of the seven student running and now work alongside her on Society. She has provided me advice on time management, leadership skills and has been such a patient person to even listen to me rant on regarding my problems sometimes.

I was extremely fortunate to receive Colleen as a mentor, whom I now also consider to be a great friend. She has opened my eyes to the many experiences that the university has to offer and the fantastic resources available to me along every step of the way. I would like to give Colleen a great thank you for being the most fantastic person!"

The C4S program (funded by MTCU) has consistently had positive results (higher GPAs at end of year one; better persistence rates into year 2) since its inception. Results are certainly partially due to the quality of the mentors like Colleen.

Further details about this program are available in the Daily News article, April 2, 2014.